Spring Fashion for Men

Guys…Are you looking for fashion tips, advice, what you must have for the season?
Well my thought is always keep it simple and clean. It is the easiest way to go and to be honest it looks the best too. Step 1. Go to your local book store or news stand and pick up a copy of Men’s Vogue or Details. Now I know what you’re thinking I can’t afford that stuff or who goes around looking like that. Guess what most people can’t afford it and that is why fashion is oh so great, everything, and I do mean everything is knocked off. And you are rightabout it being overdone, unless you are walking off the runway no one dresses like the pages in the magazine. Stay with me now flip through the magazine pick something that you think is what you would like to try. Now break down the outfit. Write down all of the elements of it and then go to your closet. See what you have there is no use in wasting money to buy things you already own. Now, look at the list again. Take the remaining items on the list and the picture from the magazine and go to the Mall or your favorite store. If it is basics you are looking for go to the GAP they have great basics. If it is something a little more complicated like a specific accessory then try a deptartment store. All the old relics hang around there, I know, but with fashion leaning toward classic pieces mixed with a disheveled rock star you want to make sure the classic looks classic and not like you bought it in a costume shop. Also as you are shopping consider how the pieces look together. And the most important piece of advice I can give to you is to save your receipts. When you get it home if you feel entirely too over done take a couple of pieces off, and if you don’t like them return them. If you have never accesorized beyond functional purposes don’t try to over compensate now. Ease yourself into it. Remember the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your skin. Because if you are questioning your look then everyone else probably is too.