Sneakers Pumas

Pumas, those very stylish and desirable sneakers that seem to evoke a sense of culture, sophistication and longevity.

Like Nikes, Pumas have been around for decades and it has made its impression beyond the sports world. That cat that we’re all familiar with is probably one of the most recognizable logos in American pop culture.

It’s not because of the cat that I’m into my Pumas nor is it because of that bold stripe that crosses from the sole of the feet to the midpoint at the head, it’s the iconic status of Puma.

The cultural connection of Puma that keeps me mesmerized with the latest and greatest. Puma originally began with the concept of being an international brand geared towards improving the durability and performance of athletes in sports ranging from Soccer to Track.

It has since taking on a more casual approach all the while still keeping its athletic roots by sponsoring international soccer teams and endorsing third world athletic programs that have a hard time getting funding.

Puma is not just a sports brand Puma is also a supporter of global causes and it has shown this by becoming the official endorser of the African Union and their bid in the FIFA World Cup.

Puma has donated millions of dollars to the third world in the cause to fight poverty, HIV/AIDS and corruption, in other words Puma doesn’t just talk about it is about it.

We can all sit back and admire the polished Puma track jackets, the adorable yet fierce Puma bags, the always fashionable Puma sneakers but Puma stands for more than that and that is why I love Puma. Puma also has a vintage appeal to it, it can be both modern and trendy and yet still maintain its heritage.

I’m a fan of Puma’s of the 70’s although the style hasn’t change much over the years (the style of the original Puma that is)

I am not a materialistic type of person I do, however, value products of great quality. Puma has lasted this long in the business for a reason. There is always been that supply and demand for the leaping cat it just now it is becoming more noticeable, more marketable.

Puma similar to brands like Lacoste, Yves Sr. Laurent, and Christian Dior has an international appeal. You can go anywhere from Melbourne to Milan to Miami and catch someone rocking the latest Puma gear.

Personally I’m on the verge of becoming a Puma addict, I want to build a collection of Puma items that I am going to wear of course and well every time I wear Puma I get compliments.

So every time you look at Puma in the store or if you see someone wearing who passes you by just remember it is not just a style or expression it