Skinny Jeans for all Body Types and Shapes

Taking a wild guess, you probably do not have the proportions of a super model;well, nor does over 90% of the female population.  However, no matter your size and body shape skinny jeans are a never-out-of-fashion wardrobe item you ought to know how to wear.

Skinny jeans are a staple item that is incredibly versatile and stylish, so by knowing a few tips regarding how to incorporate them in your daily outfits, you will never again stand in front of your packed wardrobe breathless because you cannot find something to put on.

Skinny jeans can be worn by all women, regardless of shape and size; that being said, each woman needs to remind herself of the golden, never-failing rule, achieving visual balance. Skinny jeans can give what we all are after: tasteful fashionability that is comfortable and still able to express one’s personal style and character.

Petite Women

Petite women, might be small on the size scale, but can really be of any body shape; petite does not always mean a tube-shaped body. So, if you are out there looking for the perfect pair of skinnies, make sure you find the ones that hang well on your slender figure, but avoid purchasing jeans that are too tight.

It would be a rather smart move to wear them with heels whenever possible, as skinnies tend to accentuate shortness on an already rather short person. Thus, by wearing heels, one’s petite figure is elongated, adding height to your legs and overall look. Think of Natalie Portman’s and Mila Kunis’ figures, they constantly and effortlessly rock this trend, simply by adding a nice sleek pair of peep-toe shoes and feminine nude-colored blouses.

Pear-shaped Women

If your body is heavy on your thighs or bottom and you love wearing skinny jeans but think you cannot wear them, think again. All you have to do is to give lots of attention to your upper body so as to level out the imbalance your heavier lower area causes. Avoiding light colored jeans is also a must; you should instead opt for dark colored jeans, the best are indigo, brown or black colored jeans. Why not try this fall’s trend color of dark plum or red?

You will know you dressed right, when looking at your reflection you see a proportionate figure, the result of dark wash skinny jeans and light colored satin shirt or blouse. Just remember to stay away from figure-hugging tops and shirts, as this would take away the tastefulness of your outfit. Style is always about harmony and elegance.

Apple-shaped women

Women of this category are usually heavy at the bust and/or waist, whilst they are narrow on the hips and have small bottoms. If you have this type of body shape, all you need to pay attention to is to make your upper body look longer and slimmer.

This can be easily achieved by wearing long, trimming fabrics (silk, jersey, linen and wool), by opting for V neckline tops to elongate your torso, and by avoiding light colored jeans. For extra emphasis on the lower body, try wearing chunky shoes, like platforms and wedges, which are so in right now and can effortlessly balance your figure out, drawing the eyes away from your broad upper body, creating the illusion of a longer, slimmer figure.


You are a tube shaped body if the measurements of your bust and hips are approximately the same size. You are quite well-proportioned so you do not really need to be as cautious as others about what to wear.

Your boyish figure means you have the luxury to accentuate whichever part of your body you desire. Skinny jeans – dark wash or not – look great on you, so unleash your creativity. Create the illusion of curves with waist hugging blouses, with deep-cleavage shirts and belted cardigans right under your bust.

Hourglass women

Women with a well-defined waist, and hips and bust of approximately the same size have an hourglass body shape. If you are of this body shape, you are naturally well-proportioned, and can usually pull off skinny jeans with not much of an extra effort. Having an hourglass figure means paying attention to how much you want to accentuate your curvy, luscious body.

Wearing both tight skinny jeans and tights tops means that you will look comfortable within your own body. A well-fitted blouse or shirt will make your jeans look smart and make you look smart and effortlessly elegant.

Clothing and fashion should be seen as a creative and experimental daily routine of your life; do not get intimitated by new trends and formidably skinny models, being tastefully dressed is only a learn-your-body-type step away! Being stylish and smart was never that easy. If you want to wear skinny jeans you can do so; just pay a little attention to making your outfit look proportionate and well-fitted according to your body shape.