Six Wardrobe Essentials for Women on a Budget

Shopping for clothes is a fun activity for women. Women seem to be inherently drawn towards buying clothes. However, not all of us have unlimited budget that will allow us to go on shopping sprees. It helps to know some classic pieces of clothing that will last a long time and will never go out of style. You need not rob a bank to have that personal style.

1. Little black dress. Any dress that fits well on you is flattering. A black dress with the right cut for your body type is a versatile piece. Choose a simple cut with no trendy trimmings so that it can be worn season after season.

2. Basic black slacks. Black is a neutral color that goes well with anything. It is slimming. Choose slacks with no pleats on the waistline to appear leaner. There is a sense of professionalism when you wear black slacks to work. It makes you look in control of any situation.

3. White button-down shirt.  This is a classic look. Sharon Stone wore this shirt with the long ball gown skirt to some red carpet event. She looked stunning. It is the kind of shirt you can pair with anything and for any occasion- for an interview, meeting clients or a simple diner with friends. Make sure the shirt is ironed well for the crisp look. With the advent of modern technology, you can find wrinkle-free shirts in your favorite department stores.

4. Great denims. Avoid the mom jeans. When the waist is high and legs taper off in the ankles, the belly bulges and it creates a rounded look. That is not flattering. Choose jeans that follow the shape your body the right way. Choose a pair that elongates the legs and thins the thighs. Darker colors are slimming.

5. The skirt. The most flattering cut for any body type is the A-line. It fits well on the hips and is wide in the hems. This creates the illusion of having a small waistline. Style Guru Tim Gunn suggests that the length of the skirt should not shorter be than an inch above the knee. Tall women can wear long skirts.

6. Right underwear. A lot of women do not wear the bra in the correct size. Wearing the right size enhances how clothes fit to your body. The best undergarments are those that hide the flaws and boost the flattering parts of your body.

The trick into having that sense style even on a budget is to wear the clothes with confidence. When you feel good about your look, it will show. No amount of designer clothes can mask a person who appears awkward in the wardrobe choices.