Simple Tips to Update your Summer Wardrobe

There are many simple ways to update your summer wardrobe. If you need a little inspiration, this article looks at six simple ways to update your summer wardrobe, quickly and affordably.

Six simple ways to update your summer wardrobe:

1. Buy a new white basic

White is always a popular color during summer, so by purchasing a new white basic, such as a T-shirt or classic blouse, you will instantly add freshness to your wardrobe. If you want your garment to stay white all summer, it is a good idea to be vigilant when it comes to separating your whites from your colors when you wash. In addition, give your item a good soak in a bleaching solution from time to time.

2. Accent your look with flower brooches or clips

Flowers often bring to mind images of a summer resort vacation, especially flowers like frangipanis and Hibiscus. By acquiring a few flower brooches or clips, you can instantly evoke the feeling of summer and mix up your look. You can add a flower to your sandals or thongs, pop one on a top or dress or add one to your handbag.

3. Get your hands on a convertible dress

If you have a few events to attend during summer, one convertible dress may be able to multitask and work for all events. Take, for example, the Victoria’s Secret multi-way dress collection. You will find dresses that can be worn in ten or more ways, such as strapless, one shoulder or halter neck. You will also find dresses that can be worn with straps, as a strapless dress or converted to a skirt.

4. Go second hand shopping for trendy seasonal pieces

Each summer, designers utilize trends from the past in their present collection. This means it is possible to find pieces that suit the present season in second hand or vintage stores. One of the additional benefits to shopping in this way is that you will be less likely to be caught wearing the exact same piece as the next person.

5. Buy a new pair of flip flops

Flip flops are typically more affordable to purchase than other shoes, and these days the majority of chain stores offer flip flops that reflect the seasons trends. By purchasing a pair of trendy flip flops, you can update your look instantly and affordably.

6. Buy a new pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are a summer essential and they provide another good way to update your look for very little cash. Lots of discount stores offer sunglasses in the latest styles for affordable prices.