Signs that a Friendship needs to End

Often when people think of friendships, they think of a relationship that allows the individuals to get along with one another and to make and share new memories. However, people often do not think about toxic friendships, because these are the ones that they want to forget. The saying that “all good things must come to an end” sometimes applies to friendships, especially if those friendships are dangerous to the mental or physical well-beings of the people involved. The following is a list of the signs that often occur when a friendship needs to end.

1) You fight more often than not

This is the biggest troublemaker in a relationship: fights. Many relationships tend to end during this stressful moment in time, and it is unfortunate because resilient people who want the relationship to work will not allow a fight to get in the way. However, if you fight too much, this may be a sign that you are not compatible with one another. Look closely at what your fights have been about. If they are about problems that cannot be fixed, especially in the long-term, then you should end the friendship.

2) You/The other has a grudge

A grudge can have several meanings. This word, however, brings to mind the negativity and the bad feelings that we maintain when we hold grudges. Grudges can sometimes be easy obstacles to overcome. For example, if your friend took your hairdryer and never returned it, but you talk about the problem so that things can be restored to the way they were, then that grudge was small and overcome easily. However, grudges about trust, honesty, finances, relationships, etc. are often more difficult to eliminate.

3) Feelings of being used

If you ever have the feeling that your friend is just your friend because he or she is using you (for whatever reason), you have a big and very relevant factor for ending your friendship. 

4) “Me, me, me,…,or him/her?”

Needy friends should be cut off, or at the very least told that they are needy. This rule follows friends who are especially susceptible to being #3. If a friend ever asks you to cut of relationships to another person and tells you, “It’s either me or him/her!” then you should seriously rethink your friendship with that person.

There are plenty more signs that will tell you when you should end a friendship. Many of these signs are common sense, and your instinct will guide you in most of your decisions.