Signs that a Friendship needs to End Friendship has Run its course Relationship has Run its course

A friendship is a relationship that has the potential of lasting forever. A friend is someone with whom you can share the good and the bad, someone you can learn from, someone that can teach you a new way of thinking and living. Unfortunately though, there comes a time when a friendship needs to end, because it has run its course. How can you be sure of that though?

Signs that a friendship needs to end

1. You look for excuses to avoid each other

If you catch yourself looking for excuses to avoid your friend (and vice versa) and feeling relieved when you have succeeded in it, that is a sign that your friendship has run its course. In such a case, hanging out with that friend becomes an obligation, not something that brings you joy and fulfilment. No matter what is the reason behind it, you need to accept the end result.  Maintaining such a friendship is like trying to keep a person alive through life support machines, even though you know he has no chances of recovering.

2. You get bored when you are together

If you and your friend get bored with each other when you are together, this is another sign that your relationship has been severely damaged. You may get surprised realizing that even when it comes to things that you and your friend used to enjoy together, like playing board games or going to coffee houses to  enjoy a cup of coffee, there is no excitement holding the two of you together anymore. It is not that you have stopped enjoying those things, it is that you have stopped enjoying those things with your friend.

3. You argue all the time

Another sign that your friendship with a person needs to end is when you realize that the two of you argue all the time, even for things that you weren’t arguing before. You may discover that you (or both of you) strongly disagree with traits and opinions that you previously agreed with. If this does not occur when it comes to other people in your life, then maybe it is not about those traits and opinions, but about your friend and how he expresses all these.

4. You cannot understand each other

If you and your friend can no longer understand each other, and most of the time have the feeling that you are two strangers, then that friendship’s foundation was either built on shaky foundation, or it has been damaged to such an extent, that it is impossible to be reborn from its ashes.

The end of a friendship does not necessarily mean that that relationship never existed. It may mean that it is no longer enough to satisfy your needs and desires. People evolve and change and during that process, they may discover that they need different things. What you can do is be grateful for the gift of that friendship, say goodbye and graciously turn over a new leaf.