Signs of Interest

Any dude who likes a girl (or a girl who likes a girl, let’s not be biased – though, to be honest, they probably don’t need this article as much) will, invariably, have to face a daunting question: ‘Does she like me back?’


Maybe not.

It’s hard to tell. What suffices for signs of affection in a guy doesn’t always work in a woman. Females are a bit more subtle than their male counterparts, and so deciding whether or not a girl likes you may prove vexing, circuitous and damn near impossible.

Fret not, fellow men. There are indeed tell-tale indications that the girl of your dreams may find you worthy of her attention. Take note of these ten and, if you see enough of them in your desired girl, give asking her out a shot. At best you’ll have a new girlfriend, and at worst, well, you’ll know for certain.

1.) She looks you in the eyes a lot. Full-on eye contact is often a good sign of attraction, especially if it happens frequently and for long periods of time. She’s interested in what you have to say.

2.) She’s willing to touch you. No, not groping, but subtle stuff. Arm pats, quick, gently punches, tugs, even jokingly linking arms every now and then. Hugs are especially big. She’s comfortable with contact, and that’s a very good thing for you.

3.) She’ll also allow you to touch her. If she doesn’t like you she’ll at best cringe or at worst tell you off for doing anything. Experiment with some brief pats, and during tough moments a quick hug or two. If she doesn’t pull away (she may even actively touch back), then things are proceeding nicely.

4.) She talks to you often, and at great length. She may even seek you out in a crowd of friends to chat. Make note of how often you wind up engaged in chatter whenever you’re out with pals together. If you’re her constant companion then things may be going somewhere.

5.) She laughs at everything you say, whether it’s meant to be a joke or not. They may even be the lamest jokes in the world and you’ll still get a few chuckles and continued attention.

6.) She points herself towards you. Check her body language. Often women (and men, for that matter) will orient themselves towards the person they desire most in the room. Feet, legs, hands, arms, face. If she’s preoccupied when she’s around you then you’re not really on her mind. As a test, try changing the orientation of your body when you’re around her – the more she mirrors your posture, the more interested she is in you.

7.) She plays with her hair while talking to you, generally while smiling. Hair twirling is a great sign of interest, whatever it may actually mean.

8.) She’ll agree to any plans you try to make with her, even breaking other plans to spend time with you instead. And if she can’t, she’ll have a good reason – and try to reschedule.

9.) She shows up unexpectedly if you let her know your schedule. Make it know that you’re going to the mall on a certain day and, surprise surprise, she may just happen to be there too. Why don’t we shop together? Sounds good.

10.) And, last, she asks you about yourself. Constantly. She can’t get enough of you, and wants to learn as much as possible to determine that you’re right for her. This may indicate that she’s still on the fence, so make sure you give her good answers.

Not all of these signs are absolute indicators. One or two in isolation may just be quirks to dismiss. Four, five, six or seven? You’re doing well. Pop that all-important question and hope for the best.