Shoes – Yes

Purchasing new shoes is one of my most cherished moments for personal fashion.  Indeed, I would pick any pair of shoes I like, whether or not they have been worn.  Buying used shoes can save me money, compared to buying brand-new shoes sold at department stores.  I would purchase worn shoes that contain dirt because I will later clean them off myself.  Moreover, it is my own enjoyment that really matters, while wearing used shoes I have bought. 

*Used shoes are more affordable 

Used shoes are less expensive than those that are brand new.  If one of my friends decides to sell a pair of suede shoes during a regular visit, I would be very happy to take in part of the bargain.  The shoes my friend sells are in good condition, and he asks for $30. The retail price of these suede shoes is valued more than that, usually over $75 at a fancy shoe store.  I then accept the offer, and after handing $30 to my friend, the suede shoes will be on my feet in no time.

*Used shoes can be washed and cleaned

My second reason is so I can have the option to clean the shoes off.  I am a person who has a lot of experience with cleaning.  If I purchase a pair of shoes that has a lot of dirt, that will eventually be no problem to me.  I can just take a bottle of shoe polish and a cloth, and begin scrubbing away the dirt.  Then there – the shoes will look like new.  A lot of shoe buyers can become wary at the physical conditions shoes are.  But even if I want to buy dirt-ridden shoes from someone else, I will make them like new again cleaning them. 

*Wearing used shoes for enjoyment

Finally, I tend to buy used shoes so I can simply enjoy wearing them.  My purpose of buying used shoes is for my satisfaction.  I do not care if a pair of tennis shoes that are on sale were worn by someone else.  I just buy them to use for workouts.  And I can feel good wearing them.  As long the used shoes do not contain tears or holes, I will look forward wearing them.

Of course, if I see any brand-new shoes that I like, I can still buy them.  But if somebody offered me a pair of used shoes to keep, and I like them, I should be able to wear them.  All that it matters is my own satisfaction as I wear them.