The Mans perspective (My wife made me do it)

I was asked to throw something together from the mans perspective regarding relationships and such, did I say asked? Yea right asked.

I mean my loving wife shamed cajoled told requested and alright flat out ordered me to help her out and submit a writing (maybe there were threats and or promises of sex mentioned as well).

So here it goes; Do women like to control tame leash and train their men to make them more palatable?

Do they laugh brag and talk to their girlfriends about their success at getting their men to do things that they think should be done, when and how they think they should be done. Were the men they fell in love with really just works in progress that required their training to make them into more perfect mates?

Now I know we have all heard felt and or lived through this phenomenon but what I really would like to figure out is at what price this happens. That is suppose the well meaning smarter more cultured and refined woman tames the poor slovenly oaf.

She separates him from his disgusting worthless no good friends and or family members. She breaks him of his bad habits such as drinking partying going to sporting events strip clubs bars and such with his friends and ultimately breeds with the now worthy fellow.

Where does this leave the relationship? Is the poor retrained male lobotomized into thinking/believing that it was all for the better and that he should be eternally grateful for his spouses help in becoming the man that she always knew that he could be?

Or maybe he is resentful bitter and sad for the person who he used to be? Maybe he misses his old pals even if they really were drunkin pigs.

Does he feel that he has been consumed and evaporated into this new better man? Again I have to ask (because my wife is the sex lady and relationship guru) what long range effect does this scenario have on a marriage or a committed relationship?

If it creates ill will or resentment does that ultimately kill the relationship? Does it lead to infidelity? Does it wear on the now tamed man and bring on the worst aspects of the dreaded mid-life crisis?

Does it lead to the 2 of you ultimately leading separate but together lives in the same household with an ever decreasing sex life? Did it used to lead to that guy who was going to the store to get milk and never comes back? Hey does that still happen?

Anyways it certainly leaks into any fights and certainly effects the relationship assuming that the poor stupid man realizes and resents his retraining. Now don’t get me wrong men knowingly voluntarily and willingly seek out women (mostly for sex) because they are pretty, look good smell good , cook good, clean up our living area and were fun to talk to (if they thought we were funny smart tough good looking and or we thought we could have some sex).

Regardless men will continue to put up with some of this retraining even happilly if they are getting in the present the things which make their relationship worthwhile to them. If they are getting their loving, the sex, the occasional night out with the friends and relatives along with the comforts of home and family life and a spouse who respects loves and treats them well.

If you are not making it worth your mans while to be truly involved in your relationship you probably are a lot closer than you think to losing that relationship through infidelity or just the inevitable expiration of that kind of union. Here it comes yes that’s right I know because this plan, this program saved our marriage and it too can resuscitate yours too.

I gotta go I was promised orally a favor for writing this article It was hard to refuse.