Relationships Long Distance Relationships Challenges to Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be difficult to wrap your mind around because you can’t stand to be away from that person. Relationships in which every waking moment is spent next to that person are truly put to the test when distance becomes an issue. There are many ways in which you can deal with the unique challenges that come with having a long distance relationship.

In order for a long distance relationship to work you have to become more acquainted with different ways of communicating your needs and emotions from what you traditionally use in a short distance relationship. Technology has made this easier as there are various means by which you can do so, for example with a simple e-mail address there are many options available to you.

Most Internet email providers will allow you to chat with other individuals that have email on the same network. If you’re on Hotmail and she’s on Gmail or Yahoo, you may want to think about using your Gmal or Yahoo address to communicate with her and ditch the Hotmail. Save that email address for other things. Once you log onto Gmail or Yahoo, and she happens to be on there at the same time, you’ll notice that the option to chat with that person will be available.

Use that option everytime you get, because it is more convenient than setting up instant messaging programs that aren’t an option when you are using a public computer or a shared computer. If they aren’t used to speaking with you on that address it lets them know that you are thinking about them, which is all people really want in a long term relationship anyway.

All you have to do is add that person as a contact and you’re good to go. Another option would be to do the same on your cell phone, though that may be more expensive and impractical unless you have a really, really good plan that isn’t going to charge you for all of that texting. At least in this day and age you don’t have to run up phone bills in excess of hundreds of dollars talking to someone long distance.

That is probably a good thing, because instead of a constant block of time being set apart to talk to this person long distance you are actually spreading it out. You may find the time to do something else or actually get something done while you are waiting for that text to come in, which would actually be a healthier option for the love sick.

Even yet another option is vlogging. Create an account on YouTube or Google that is private and send video responses to that other person. Again it isn’t as real time as teleconferencing but real time isn’t always the best for people in long distance relationships. The more every single communication is in real time the harder it makes for you to go on about your day in the long distance relationship.

If you’ve ever been in a long distance relationship you know that jealousy is the number one killer of any good and healthy LDR that lasted for more than a month. You’re not physically active with them so you must be with someone else; or they’re tempted so they imagine that you must be as well. Is the temporary satisfaction worth having to cross that bridge with your mate? If there isn’t any physical evidence of your indiscretion, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any psychological scars that you will not be able to hide from them. It simply isn’t worth it.

At the same time, don’t freak out about everything and tell every little thing either. Like you went to lunch with your co-worker, stuff almost everyone has found themselves doing at one time or the other. Unless you are actually spending one on one time alone with someone with no one else around and no one else would be any wiser you’ve nothing to blab about, so keep your mouth shut already. Nothing worse than someone who feels guilty because their mate is also their best friend, and someone else ends up being more than a friend for a fleeting moment ruin both a good friendship and a good relationship.

Nine times out of ten it’s all in your head anyway. Plus no one wants to be that dispicable person who moved in while someone else was away. Long distance relationships can work, at the same time, if that other person is away for longer than that relationship was built, it may be best just to move on.