Reasons why Younger Men Date Older Women

You may be surprised to discover that relationships between older women and younger men are not a new phenomenon.  In fact, if you look through history, there are many couples where the woman was older than the man by a few years.  There are many reasons why some men like to date older women and one of those reasons is the level of maturity that an older woman brings to a relationship.  All relationships take work and commitment in order to succeed, and older women have usually had their fair share of experiences to help them make their current and future relationships better than their last ones. 

Besides being wiser about affairs of the heart, older women often bring more to the table financially, too.  Most older women have worked for years and built up their credit and assets.  Younger men who are attracted to older women are probably mature for their age and are seeking a partner who can provide in the relationship on an equal footing.  If an older woman and a younger man work in the same industry, the older woman might be higher up on the corporate ladder than him and she might be able to help him with his career.  Most younger men would appreciate assistance from his older leading lady because otherwise, it can take years to climb up the corporate ladder.  A younger man might also feel that dating an older woman makes him look more desirable and responsible to the outside world. 

Appearances aside, there is a certain feeling of excitement between an older woman and a younger man.  Older women are beautiful and wise, loyal and loving.  Younger men are appreciative and eager to please the older women in their lives.  Today’s older women have access to face creams, hair dyes, trendy clothes and plastic surgery that their grandmothers didn’t have access to during their “maturing” years.  It is no longer unusual to see an older woman with sexy highlights in her hair, wearing hip hugger jeans and tube tops just like the younger gals.  The difference between older and younger women is that there is a bounce in the older woman’s step as she walks with the wisdom and experience that she earned because of her age.   An older woman’s confidence, charisma, wisdom and pride make up the many reasons why younger men like to date older women.