Plus Size Women Fashion Tips Picking the Perfect Wedding Dress

In admiration, she watched her mother’s friend Julie, preparing for the beautiful wedding that the entire family had been waiting months to attend. Over the past few years she had many thoughts and dreams of the wedding dress, she would one day wear.

She closed her eyes, and pictured her dress so vividly. Yes, it is the same dress she had always saw when closing her eyes. A beautiful princess dress, flowing at different cuts at the bottom close to her feet. Still eyes closed, she visioned a small wreath with small white flowers and Australian crystals inter-twined together and placed atop her beautiful long blond, natural wavy hair.

Startled, by the sales lady passing by her chair, she opened her eyes, and in a split second she was back to reality. Oh no! With eyes wide open, she realizes she is not the same size girl that she had always envisioned in her dream. Still, she was not going to give up on the princess style wedding gown she had always wanted.

She knows, that she is a plus size, but that doesn’t take away from her beauty. First things first, she knew she had to find the stores that carry her size. Yes! Today, just for kicks, she was going to take some time, and browse stores for her size and style wedding dress.

She excused herself from the wedding store her mom and Julie were shopping, and decided to find the stores that carried her size gowns. She had the rest of the day, as she had taken the rest of the evening off from her work.

Excited at finding the first store that carried her size of gowns, she walked out in front of a slow moving taxi. She apologized to the driver, and ran across the street and into the shop. Glancing through all the gowns that were hanging, she felt overwhelmed. There were so many beautiful plus size wedding gowns to choose from but hers wasn’t there. It had to be here she thought.

Hearing on the speakers that the store would be closing in fifteen minutes, she felt her heart drop to her stomach. She hadn’t seen her dress! Maybe they didn’t make one like she had dreamed? No, they had too! As she turned to leave the store she glanced back towards the right side of the dressing rooms and low and behold…there was her dress, the one that she had dreamed all her life she would be married in. It was there!

She stopped and starred at the wedding dress, knowing that one day she would walk down the isle wearing the dress.

As she left the store, she decided she would start that very day, making a list on what all she would need in planning for her wedding, starting with the dress.

(1) The dress would need to fit her, not to tight nor to loose.

(2) She wanted the sheer sleeves that went three – quarters arm length.

(3) Australian Crystal accents sewn into the dress, as they would catch the light
as she walked down the isle.

(4) Her veil would be a circular head wreath made with crystal accents and small
white wild flowers.

(5) Around her neck, she would wear her grandmother’s Australian crystal pendant that
she knew would shimmer beautifully in the dim candle lights.

(6) Her shoes would be beautiful white satin slippers with crystals adorning them.

She was at her happiest planning her wedding dress for the future. However, it was getting late in the night, and she needed to stop for now, in order to get some sleep before she had to wake for work the next morning.

Yes, she is a plus size, but that didn’t and shouldn’t take away from her having a beautiful wedding dress. She knew what she wanted. Curves are beautiful! Wearing the right size clothes only accents that beauty.