Plus Size Women Fashion Tips looking Good in Lingerie

Being plus size gives us a definite advantage in the sexy department. We have curves! Enticing, sensual, romantic curves that can compliment a fine piece of lingerie in a way that no other body type can ever come close to rivaling. From the curve of our breasts to the curve of our waistline and hips, we’ve got it, that mouth watering sensuality that oozes out from every pore of our being. So take advantage of your curves and use them to accentuate the woman that you truly are.

A lot of plus size women feel uncomfortable within their body type and try to hide their size rather than display it. Stop it! Use your curvage to your advantage, show how sexy curves really are, be the sensuous woman that only a plus sized woman can be!

Become familiar with the parts of your body that you can most beautifully display. For most of us curvaceous gals our best body features will usually include the bosom, waist, leg or hip area. Use yours to your advantage. As familiarity creates confidence, discover and keep in mind all the distinctive curves of your body,that are your most appealing attributes. When selecting lingerie items, as when selecting any clothing, look for items which will highlight and accentuate what you deem as your best features.

Avoid tight clothing and select lingerie which although slightly loose fitting will hug the bust or the hip area. The trick to selecting the correct garment is to choose one that will keep your lumps and bumps from being accented and instead keep the line of your curvage focused in the eyes of the beholder. Keep in mind your best features and always enhance rather than minimize these.

If you have a great bust line then use it! Nothing is more erotic than the curvage of large breasts as they appear seductively from the top of a scooped neckline, or the anticipation of your loved one as you remove your outer gown, and reveal your D sized bustline still held captive within it’s lacy underwire bra. Select different colors when choosing your accenting bra and wear matching panties to create the ultimate illusion of sensuality. Be confident in yourself and your beauty. The persona that you display will be dramatically affected by your assurance in your own sensuality. Confidence is easily acquired through careful practice or experimentation to find the most seductive poses for yourself and your body type. Take the time to find your most beautiful positions. Remember that familiarity builds confidence.

For most of us voluptous ladies the curves of our hips is an area that we can greatly use to our advantage. A-frame negligees or baby dolls tend to accent the curvage between our waistline and hip. Avoid lingerie with a waistband in it unless you have an extremely small waist line in comparison to your hip area. Remember to keep clothing slightly loose in the waist area but tighter on the bust and hip to create the ultimate accentuation of those areas. Walk with an exaggerated swing of your hips to amplify the size ratio between waistline and hip. You want to draw attention to these areas rather than minimize their appeal!

If you have great legs then show them. Select teddies or little mini baby dolls that will accent your legs. Again use your attitude to show exactly how sexy you really are, accent your legs by displaying them. Walk slowly and sensually, stand leaning against a door with one leg displayed in front of another. Also use the appeal of slits in a garment, they are a great means of drawing the eye of the beholder all the way down the leg, and to the ankle or foot where the culmination of sexuality can then occur. Here a sexy little shoe or slipper can be worn or you can remain bare foot and add an enticing little ankle bracelet to enhance the effect. Use your confidence and your stance to display yourself.

Remember that beauty begins within each person. Be confident within yourself and your sensuality. Exaggerate the movement of your waist, hips and legs in every movement that you make to increase the dramatic effect of your curves. Be voluptuous. Be beautiful. Be sensual.