Plus Size Women Fashion Tips Dressing for your Body Type

Plus Size Women Dress Fashionably

Every woman who wants a classy look has some fashion rules to follow. Whether a woman is small, medium or large, there are certain important rules for her body type. It is sometimes difficult for women to determine which category they fall into. Many women are a mixture and so it is very important for them to learn and follow the fashion rules for their own bodies.

The mainstream media leads us to believe that beauty is not associated with plus size women but this is not true! Initially beauty was connected to being skinny, but now skinny is losing its appeal in many trendy industries. In Europe, they have set weight standards to say that if you are too skinny then you must eat and come back!

Every woman is beautiful. Whether it shows depends on where you want to use beauty. A woman who is a plus size and coaches a sports team can dress in fashionable casual wear. In her job, being a plus size is actually a plus! A smaller frame woman who needs to squeeze into an office cubicle every morning will also be careful about what she wears to work. Any woman who is fashion conscious pays attention to current fashion news, not just the plus size women.

In the April, 2008 Vogue issue, Sally Singer reminds and warns everyone that fuller women can enjoy fashion just as any other woman does. As a matter of fact she seems to suggest that it is aggravating that everyone thinks plus-size women are boxes.

In this issue she says fuller women have as much to display or hide as the rest of women with different frames. Plus size women have beautiful curves to display, she asserts. Singer indicates that the Lane Bryant of Thirty-Fourth Street is the place to find large clothes for all occasions. They stock up on skinny stretch jeans, belts that come with elastic inserts, brassieres with detachable enhancers, and underwear that will not carve into ones skin. Singer says spandex camisoles and leggings from Spanx work like liposuction. Try them!

She suggests several places online for diverse needs of plus-size women. In actual fact she says the internet is the best source for women sizes 14 and higher because most stores will not put these sizes in stores even they have them in stock.

Here are some places to shop for plus sizes online:,,,,,, and Have a great time! Remember, being fuller should not stop you from being who you are, a woman with a fine taste. See you on-line!