Plus Size Women Fashion Tips Accentuating your best Features

Putting your most fashionable foot forward includes accentuating your best features. Quite simply, fashion is for everyone. With a little careful planning, you can look fabulous whatever the event – regardless of your dress size.

“Plus size” is generally accepted as size 14 and larger; however, choosing the right mode of dress can make a size 20 look like a size 14 instantly. By deciding what your best bodily asset is, and drawing attention to it (rather than to the parts you find less appealing) will help you dress for success on any occasion.

As a general rule, horizontal stripes and large printed patterns are the ultimate fashion gaffe for a plus-sized beauty. Horizontal stripes make everything look wider, and drawing attention to your width should be left to the less bounteously endowed (think Kate Moss). If you choose to wear a patterned top, ensure that the print sizes are varied; attention will be drawn to the diversity in the pattern instead of what’s underneath.

Don’t be afraid to show a little skin! If you’ve got beautiful arms, go sleeveless (weather permitting, of course). If you’re not quite comfortable baring so much, and this goes for the bosom area as well, a light shawl is a perfect accent.

A slightly loose-fitting top (quite the opposite of baggy, which screams that you’re uncomfortable with your body and you’d like to hide as much of it as possible) can flatter every body type. There’s nothing wrong with highlighting your chest by wearing a low-cut, rounded neckline. If you’re wearing jewelry, a large pendant will break up the space and change the distance between your neck and your chest.

When choosing a skirt, length is everything! If covering just your thighs is a priority, a below-the-knee cut with flowing lines is your best bet. Should you opt for a lower hem, choose a skirt with a comfortable waist that gradually widens as the skirt gets longer. This will streamline your look and slightly minimize curves. It’s important to remember that the blouse you choose should accent and complement the skirt; a tuck-in may not be your best option, while one that’s too long will take away from the look you’ve created on your bottom half.

No matter what you decide to wear, you’ll only pull it off if you’re comfortable in it. Be sure to try everything on before you buy, and bear in mind, if you don’t feel fashionable in it, you won’t look fashionable in it. Dare to impress everyone with your new fashion savvy – and don’t forget the most important accessory: a confident, genuine smile!