Peer Pressure different same Types Motives

When most people think of the term “peer pressure” they usually think of middle or high school. It’s not that adults don’t have to deal with pressure. They just don’t think about it as much and sometimes don’t even recognize it.

The peer pressure we all felt in high school to fit in to a certain stereotype or clique was usually more obvious than the kind adults face. The peer pressure is more blatant and so constant that it is impossible to ignore. Pressures to follow certain trends and like certain kinds of music are some of the most common forms of peer pressure in high school.

Adults generally face a different kind of peer pressure. The peer pressure they face usually isn’t to follow some trend or fit in with a certain crowd. It’s more a way to act and think. Adults have to deal with group think. Group think is when people think along with a group instead of thinking for themselves. They just go with the flow and do and think as they’re told. And they don’t get it when they find people who don’t just go with the flow like they do. They think that everyone else should be following along with group think, just like them.

One of the best ways to avoid peer pressure is to avoid group think. If you’re surrounded by people who only follow group think and expect other people to as well you are more likely to be subjected to peer pressure. Remember the control you have as an adult. Do you remember how frustrating it was to deal with peer pressure in high school? You couldn’t get away from your classmates. They were a part of your school and you just had to deal with it. Now that you’re an adult things are different. You’re in charge. And if someone is putting peer pressure on you to act or think a certain way you don’t have to just tolerate it.

When someone puts peer pressure on you to act or think a certain way you should confront them. Keep in mind that people don’t always realize what they’re doing when they are guilty of peer pressure. Just make sure they’re aware of it. If they are aware and they don’t stop don’t spend time with that person anymore. Cut yourself free from group think and the people who want you to be a part of it.