Friends give many things to other friends, the most important of these being comfort, understanding, and a shoulder. It has been stated that you’re only friends with someone if they’re giving you something you need and sticking to that ideal one must understand that it works both ways. The only reason your friends are friends with […]

One of the key components of a happy and fulfilled life is having friends. Without friends, a person’s interactions with others are limited to family, strangers, and people that are known only through some limited or required relationship. Friendships are essential for personal growth and help to broaden a person’s world. Unfortunately, like any relationship, […]

Everyone has had them – those friends whose presence makes you groan under your breath. However, on the whole, you appreciate them for what they bring to your life…or do you? If you have a friend who seems to affect your life for the worst almost every time you see them, then it may be […]

Preparing for friends or family to visit takes a little time and consideration.  You will want to make them as comfortable as possible so don’t wait until the last minute to begin your preparations.  A guest room allows your guest to have a bit of privacy and with a little forethought on your part; you […]

The only thing worse than not trusting people is being too trusting. There’s certainly a fine line between the two, the struggle of being too closed is just as bad as being too open. A true friend will help you balance the two and create a safe environment for trust and openness, and understand when […]

I never went to any reunions until my 25th as I attended a different High School each year and didn’t think anyone would remember me. Everyone seemed to have their own clicks, friends, and hang-outs at each school and I seemed like an outcast. But, was I ever surprised at my 25th reunion. I found I had […]

A true friendship may not need a whole lot of apologizing. In fact, once you become really close to someone, there are quite a few situations where you would have the need to apologize in order to maintain the silent social conventions that we all have learned to live with, but not with that very […]

Frequently when you reach your thirties, you find yourself facing a new world. Perhaps you are in a new town or have undergone a change in marital status. This can present you with an awkward situation. The bar scene likely doesn’t feel the same anymore, you no longer have the high school or college activities […]

Friends are partners in crime, confidants and fountains of encouragement. They can bring you up when you are down and make you laugh like there is no tomorrow. There is a special bond between friends that neither time nor distance can break.  What is it about friendships that make people feel so good? It could […]

Friendships are all about give and take. Most of the time, they will be a source of joy, but they don’t always run smoothly. Sooner or later, you will have a disagreement about something and, if one or both of you is offended, an apology may be in order. There are a number of reasons […]

If you were to go through your life trusting no one, what kind of life would that be? As a child, perhaps you wouldn’t trust your mother to help you to learn to swim. As a teen, perhaps you wouldn’t trust your teachers. As a married person, you wouldn’t trust your loved ones. It’s a […]

Friends are complicated. Some friendships thrive on competing. Other friendships are glued together by a common drama. A friendship can be someone who is needy and someone who needs to be in control. The point is that all friendships are unique. In one way or another friends influence each other. The intentions may be good or the […]

Making friends There are many ways to make new friends. The best thing about is that they’re all so easy! The only thing that stops you is the fear of rejection or maybe even the fear that you’ll ACTUALLY make a friend and have to spend time with them. Friendships are important, even loners have […]

The work place should be an environment of professional people who are conducting themselves in a professional manner. Unfortunately, arguments may ensue and tempers may flare up because of disagreements. A superior, manager or boss should never engage in such offensive behavior as to argue, insult or, even worse, curse out another employee. This type […]

It is not easy uprooting and moving your life to a new place. You have to leave everything familiar behind; people, places and events all become part of the past. As you settle into your new home, you are faced with starting a new life which includes making new friends. It seems like the older […]

First impressions are very powerful. The first time an individual encounters another person goes a long way in determining the nature of their interactions from that time forward. The images, thoughts, and feelings that are associated with an initial meeting linger long after the initial incident. But what does a person do when he or […]

This is not going to be a comfortable topic for many of you; freeloading friends and/or family members. Take a deep breath as this touchy subject is discussed. No one likes to feel like they are being taken advantage of, but somehow it seems even worse when the freeloader is someone close to you. Read […]

Friends are very important in your life, some times more than family members.  Losing a job is a challenging step in life. It sets oneu backwards and leaves that person devastated. That is when a friend can lend support.  Like the saying goes, ‘Friends in need are friends indeed.’  When your friend has lost a […]

A shy colleague is not easy to deal with. This is a type of colleague that needs special attention and care. With a little help, things can go well though. All you need to do is being willing to follow some useful tips. Reach out A shy colleague has a problem communicating his feelings and […]

Often times, a spouse will say, they feel unappreciated and unloved by their mate. In this case, perhaps the novelty of the romance has worn off and the spouse no longer shows you they love you or appreciate you. The word love should be considered a verb in a family dynamic because actions speak much […]

First impressions are very powerful. The first time an individual encounters another person goes a long way in determining the nature of their interactions from that time forward. The images, thoughts, and feelings that are associated with an initial meeting linger long after the initial incident. But what does a person do when he or […]

People who are impatient tend to be a little selfish too. They cannot wait to get help and do not mind disregarding the schedules of others. Having friends like this can be a real bother. Sometimes people simply do not know when to say no and give it a rest. Trying to maintain good relations […]

Making new friends can be something people need to do at any age. It’s not something that one would think as they get older they may need to do, but sometimes we find ourselves needing new ones. Friends are people that we can rely on in good and bad times. Through everything that goes on, […]

Accepting someone for who they are should be a golden rule in a book somewhere. Although acceptance tends to be easier said than done. People talk about tolerance and acceptance all the time. What they may not realize is that tolerance and acceptance are two different things.  It can be difficult to keep your mouth […]

It’s slick, voyeuristic, and for a growing number of people, totally addictive. It’s “40 Days of Dating”, a real life “When Harry Met Sally” experiment created by two long-time friends who wonder if they could – or should – be something more. Since July 10, young New Yorkers Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh have been […]

Those who can – do. Those who can’t – teach. – H.L. Mencken I used to think this was a derogatory quote, but I’ve changed my mind. Many great people have had amazing talent but were unable to fulfill their own dreams for various reasons – so they took on the challenge of teaching others […]

It can be quite an uncomfortable experience when meeting an on line friend in person. There are so many thoughts that run through a person’s mind. The awkwardness of meeting an on line friend in person is generally made easier once the two have met and are comfortable with each other. One can make a […]

Outgrowing friendships is all about growing up or growing apart or a little of both. Friendships tend to evolve in your most immediate and most frequented environments. Change the environments and somehow friendships change. Growing up is a time of new thoughts, new interests, new attitudes and often, sadly, a rollover of new friends. As […]