Holiday gift giving can be tricky when it comes to coworkers. It can be tough trying figure what gifts are too personal or too boring. Some of your coworkers may be good friends while others may be virtual strangers. It is pretty easy to buy a gift for a friend, but not so easy to […]

Friendships are an important aspect of everyone’s life. These are the relationships which enrich and fill people’s lives with meaning, worth and a sense of wellbeing. They are the liaison between you and the world you live in and help you to keep your values intact. In fact, friends can help put life back into […]

 A toxic friend may act as a good friend. Yet, there are subtle differences that will let you know if this is a toxic friend masquerading as a good friend. These toxic relationships may cause undue stress, disappointments, constant arguments, feelings of low self esteem, misplaced guilt and anxiety. A toxic friend is self-centered, impatient […]

Thinking about hosting your next class reunion? Times are changing and new technology is providing some fun alternatives for class advisors as they get ready to set up their next class reunion. If your class doesn’t already have their own web site, contact your reunion committee and make a suggestion or jump in and create […]

If you have ever had friends that don’t give anything back, then you will probably know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of nothing. You may have given to a friendship on the assumption that whatever you gave would be returned. This has nothing to do with material giving. This has […]

For some people, friendships really aren’t friendships; instead, they are toxic relationships. Sometimes these friendships start out fine and just develop into something unhealthy. Other times, the friendship was never healthy. There are a variety of reasons why friendships are toxic. One of the friends is desperate for acceptance When someone struggles with acceptance, they […]

Have you ever gotten out of bed one morning and realized that twenty years had flown by without you noticing? You have…um gotten better with time of course, except for those few gray hairs…hmm. Well never mind all of that, the point is that time can slip by and so can some of your oldest […]

If your friendships been broken what are you going to do? Give up or cry yourself to death? Your reaction may vary, depending on the seriousness and the depth of the offense or the seriousness of the mistake committed to you. Keep in mind, “to err is human.” First weight things out by asking yourself […]

A domineering friend, is a friend that others would usually avoid confronting with. Like a dictator, they are bossy and like to order others around harshly. Their victims are usually the submissive ones. They are arrogant and sometimes can be very mean. They are rude and like to push their victims around physically to get […]

Everyone has had the experience of a freeloading friend. This friend could be someone who constantly takes advantage of your kindness and hospitality; but contributes nothing to the friendship. This person could be a close friend who is a part of your group of friends or they could even live in your house. Dealing with […]

It’s so easy to do, such a stereotype that it has become a staple of comedy sitcoms; that moment when the character suddenly realises they are doing something foolish, or talking unkindly, about the person who is standing right behind them. Making a bad first impression comes to most people at some point in life […]

Demanding and possessive friends can be a draining issue to deal with. Have you ever had a friend that is so possessive you feel you can not breathe? Have you ever had a friend that drains you because they are demanding in your friendship? There are healthy friendships and unhealthy friendships. When it comes to […]

It is fulfilling to have a life filled with friends. Some could be work buddies, others might be relatives who have common interests and thus extend to the category of friend. Some friends are elevated to the level of soul mate, so in tune are they with your wants and needs. Then there are the […]

Friends can be the glue that holds people together in the worst of times. Friends are often the ones called upon to celebrate achievements and life events. In many ways, good friends might be considered family. Friends can also be the source of stress, worry and problems. Breaking off a friendship is never easy. There […]

Whenever we take those first steps to get close to someone with a view to entering into a friendship with them, we all do so with hopes and expectations. Perhaps we hope to get a confidante, someone we can tell our deepest concerns and worries to. We may hope to have someone to party with, […]

Jealously at the workplace can be an insidious thing, regardless of whether it’s you that is jealous of others, or others that are jealous of you. The difference though is if you are the one that is jealous, you can control your own actions. The same cannot be said of co-workers that are jealous of […]

The workday can be stressful enough without having to deal with unprofessional coworkers. These people can exhibit the most inappropriate behaviors like talking too loudly, talking on their personal cell phone while others are trying to concentrate and even bullying others. There is little doubt that these unprofessional coworkers go by other names (rude, immature, […]

When faced with the dilemma of telling a friend that her husband is having an affair, you also face the possibility of losing that friendship. It’s a tough call, but what they don’t want to hear from someone they know is that the person who they love isn’t quite what they believe them to be. […]

Your high school years were the best of your life. You were happy and had big plans for your life. Friendships were formed that were destined to last into adulthood and you cannot believe how fast the time flew by. Before you know it you have graduated and stepped into you life with great hope […]

Do you have a a neighbor next door who smiles at you and greets you all the time , but you have never been able to develop a conversation? Is it language that shuts you down?  Well.. here are some ways in which you can make that pleasant smiling ‘ I wish you spoke my […]

What is love, and can love be selfish?  One way that love can be defined is as a feeling of emotional connection to another person; a person towards whom one is empathetic, truthful, willing to compromise, and loyal.  One way that selfishness can be defined is as a person who is said to have an […]

Manipulation is a candy-coated form of bullying. Sheathed in sugary sweetness, manipulation asks or tells you to do something that, on the surface, seems perfectly innocent – yet you get the distinct, persistent sense that something’s not quite right. You suspect that you’re being taken advantage of by someone who will use any tactic to get […]

There are many people who try manipulation to get their way in life and usually these individuals are well-practiced in disguising it. There are a few particular behaviours and characteristics that you may discover if you are in any form of relationship with a manipulative person. Flattery Manipulative individuals tend to begin by flattering you. […]

When a close colleague is fired, it’s upsetting. You may have become accustomed to their smiling face in the workplace, or you may even feel that what happened wasn’t justified. It may also increase your workload because a missing member of staff, especially a close colleague, means less manpower. Whatever the circumstances, your life within […]

Well-meaning but nosy friends may not realize that they are taking their desire to know to the level of being nosy. In order to improve the situation and reduce the level of nosiness, there are a few tips for dealing with those nosy friends. Evade the questions The first way to deal with nosy friends […]

It happens over and over; you meet someone online who seems to be just like you or someone you have a lot in common with. Too bad they live clear across the country or world from you. You hang out together online playing games or just chatting, every chance you get and talk about great […]

There is a significant difference between a friend and a true friend although it may be difficult to see this at first. You may believe that you have many true friends but then over time they shock you and you realise that actually they were no more than just an average friend after all. It is […]

Many people are not happy with their bosses. More often than not, they complain that they are not understood and respected enough by them. Other times they claim that they try too hard to be patient with their bosses, because they do not want to lose their jobs. Fortunately, not all bosses are like that. […]

There is nothing better than spending time with good friends. The laughter, the tears and day to day life that is shared among friends create memories that last a lifetime. Close friends are that handful or fewer that know everything there is to know about each other and keep that knowledge within that small group. […]