Most Important Things to look for on a first Date

It’s all too easy to turn the art of dating into a science, with formulas and solutions for every occasion.

Unfortunately dating very rarely follows the strict rules of mathematics. It is influenced, but not dictated to by biology, it cannot be accounted for with physics, and if you try to bring chemistry into dating you are likely to get arrested!

So what should you look for on a first date? I suspect that what most of us are searching for is some indication that our attraction to our date is reciprocated. this is obvious, since there is little point in flogging a dead horse.

But beyond that? It might be worth checking out that the girl or boy is still as attractive to you as when you agreed to go on the date. You may like to notice any bad habits that are likely to annoy you and any endearing qualities that you could really learn to like.

Get past the physical lure as soon as possible though, as the chances are since you have agreed to or asked this person on a date (unless this is a blind date, in which case new strategy might be needed!) you are already quite pleased with the physical qualities they represent. Concentrate instead on discovering new things about your partner. Do they like to laugh? And do you like it when they laugh? do they tell good jokes? Do they see the world in a similar way to you. Do they make you smile?

And most importantly – are you comfortable with this person? I don’t mean in the sense of a comfy pair of old slippers, or a routine you can do without thinking; but if you find that you are so nervous you can hardly breathe, let alone listen to what the other person is saying, you are going to have to find your feet pretty quick or have the most one-sided relationship in the world – and probably a very short one at that! If on the other hand you find yourself so wrapped up in enjoying your time with this person that you forget to worry about your list of the most important things to look for on a first date, chances are that things are going just fine.