Men are they all the same

Men are not all the same. men are simple and uncomplicated but there are a lot of variations on the theme. They are very basic like five flavors of ice cream, but the differences are subtle. It takes a perceptive woman to:

– first divine those differences,
– next accept the shortcomings, and
– finally, push the right buttons to get the best from their man.

Men are very different from women. Men like the simple, direct approach, women like to consider other angles. This often results in women overly complicating things that are obvious to men. It also annoys men by wasting time.

Men are designed to do the hard things. As such they often focus on the goals and less on the journey.They take risks to achieve our desires and shrug off pain of rejection more easily. they  need to be able to in order to get relationships started.

Men are visual. Getting upset because your man looks at another woman is as futile as cursing the rain. As long as he comes home to you every nigh, you have nothing to worry about. Remember you wouldn’t be together at all if he never looked at you. His first line might have been corny but it worked.

You certainly didn’t walk up to him first and risk rejection, did you?

Men are task oriented. They want to do a thing and be done with it and move on to the next thing. That explains why so many women have unsatisfactory sex lives.

– For a man it might be sex, then sleep. Over and done too fast for most women.

– For a woman she wants to get into the intimacy of sex, explore the sensations and dwell on the closeness of the act. Way too long for most men.

You can make generalizations when it comes to men but it’s just as valid to do the same thing with women. Like how can you go to the restroom in groups? makes sense to you, but urinating is not a social event for men. That’s why the congressman from Washington state is in so much trouble. Stand away from the man at the urinal and no peeking over the divider!

Subscribing to the “All men are the same” line is sexist, unfair and likely to lead to another failed relationship. Is that what women want? But there is one thing all men want from a woman:

Support. Tell the man you approve of him, that he is your ideal and you value his efforts. Do that and you’ll be surprised at the improvement in your life. He’ll do anything for you.