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Yes, love and marriage should go together especially if you want the relationship to last. If you are living with someone and you don’t think the relationship is going to last then you should not be living with them to begin with.

Years ago most people dated for six months to one year, they then got engaged and started planning their wedding day. Most didn’t even think about having sex with each other for a long time if at all before they married. In a lot of cases both were virgins and they taught each other all there was to know about the facts of life.

Most people who were married before the sexual revolution in the 1960 are celebrating their 50th plus wedding anniversaries today because they knew all about each other before they married. Most of these couples have had only one lover and that was each other.

They married in their twenties, a year or two apart, started their families and he worked while she stood at home until the children were teenagers, then they might have tried going back to work again.

The woman cooked and cleaned and the man provided for all their needs, they were friends, had the same interests and were not in competition with each other because she was his woman and he was her man.

Movies and television shows were about a happy family with love that lasted forever. Family get togethers were fun times and people respected the old ways and would try and keep the same values and morals.

Yes there were divorces in every family but only about ten percent got divorced. Today more than fifty percent of married couples get divorced. If we wanted to count how many lived together and then broke up, it is a much higher ratio.

For the most part before the 1960s, if a family member got divorced, they did within a year or two of their marriage and then they remarried and stayed with the second mate for over twenty-five years or until one passed into the next world. Everyone married thinking it would never end and everything the owned was theirs, not his and hers.

After the 1960s when the sexual revolution came along, and there was free love everyone was going to change the world and make it better for everyone. We were taught that there was no need to marry, have a family, be a homemaker while he worked and tended to the grounds around the home. We were taught that we needed two cars, two homes, a boat, and vacations to all the islands, a honeymoon in Pennsylvania or another nearby country setting resort in the USA was something to be frowned upon.

In today’s society everyone has their own career, everyone has to try out various partners and living together is the thing to do, no one has to give any promises or commitments. We have to own huge televisions, move away from family and cut off all ties. If we are lucky we can travel back and forth every few years to see the old folks and other family members.

Many are taught that the prior generations didn’t know anything and the new ways are better. Therefore, it is better to get married later in life, never become dependent on each other and have the attitude we can do just as well on our own.

Today, many will have to sign marriage agreements, so if it doesn’t work we won’t be taken to the cleaners. Unfortunately none of the new rules seem to be working anyway, and no amount of protection is able to keep couples together for long. Movies and television have added to the problems because there are so few shows truly push love that will never end.

In today’s society many of the younger generation is taking a second look at what happened before the sexual revolution and after the sexual revolution and which generation was better, many are rethinking that values are important and want to be like their grandparents and great-grandparents and have the kind of relationships that lasted forever. They want the weddings and anniversaries that keep the family ties strong.

Of course there is still a lot of pressure from the media and movies that do not show that good morals do work and that love and marriage do go together. Love means sharing, caring, not being jealous, giving of one another to one another through all the good and bad times. Love doesn’t stop because someone gets ill or loses a job. When someone cares they understand that their mate will have bad days as well as good days and still love them in the same manner through both of them. Two people who are truly in love will give to each other. Their love will make them experience all the beauty life has to offer and each struggle will bring the closer together because when love a marriage will always last, when the love is gone the marriage will crumble.

Most people who have been married over 40 years will say they never went to bed angry at their husband or wife, they would kiss each other good night and say “I love you, even though right now I am upset with your behavior.”