Love Triangle

Are there ever any advantages to being in a love triangle? If all three people love and accept one another it may not be so bad, sure, but love triangles are seldom as simple as that. Indeed they often involve rivalry and attention-seeking between two parties who want the third, and this can lead to some definite, and hopefully obvious, problems.

This is a little list of reasons why you should probably avoid being part of a love triangle. It may seem like a flattering situation at times, but in all honesty you’ll likely get into deep trouble if you linger in one for too long. (In other words, don’t take the whole Archie, Betty and Veronica thing as an example of a successful love triangle. Things don’t really work out that way in reality.)

– The first, probably largest problem with love triangles is jealousy. The worst love triangles are those which include two rivals who desire the third person and who hate each other’s guts. Every time the third person is with one of the other two, therefore, the third will likely later confront and berate them, wondering why they aren’t the object of attention instead – and this can happen on both sides. Flattering at first, perhaps, but annoying in the long run and potentially dangerous for all parties involved. Jealousy has led to crimes of passion in the past, often with rather deadly results.

– Love triangles can often also lead to displays of one-upmanship, and these can sometimes prove as poorly thought-out as sheer jealousy. Again, the targeted party will probably enjoy this for a while as their pursuers vie against one another for their love, but in the long run this won’t benefit anyone. Eventually one of the three will do something drastic to prove their love, and then there’s no telling what will happen (probably nothing good, however).

– Love triangles can also lead to the breaking of good friendships. The two suitors may once have been best pals, but their decision to pursue one person will leave them in constant contention. This is a shame in and of itself, as friendships are sometimes worth more than what may amount to nothing more than a temporary fling.

– Love triangles can also lead to more than just three people becoming involved. One person leading on two others will probably earn the attention of friends and family, and the various sides will invariably come to resent and feud with each other. Look at Romeo and Juliet to see how well those situations turn out. (Okay, not quite the same, but you get the idea.)

– Love triangles can also be so widespread in their effects that they begin to change the professional lives of those involved. When a triangle becomes so deep and so competitive that its ill-will spills over into the work environment, you know you have problems.

– And, last, love triangles almost always wind up in pain. It’s extremely difficult to string two people along forever, assuming you’re the one who has to choose. The longer you stay with each one, the longer you’ll have to get to like (and love) them, and so the more difficult it will ultimately be to choose one. Yet it must be done, as it’s not fair to deny each of them a complete, happy relationship.

Do yourself a favor. Stay away from love triangles. They’re fun for a while, but in the end the situation isn’t worth the ultimate heartache.