Love Feeling Action Choice Definition Kissing Hugging God Jesus Christ

Love has not limits or extremes.  Love is a combination of all three:  it is a feeling, an action and a choice.  Love in the grammatical sense, first and foremost is a noun and in other senses, it can be a verb.  But, most importantly, love is something that is given to us from God as He from the beginning of Life has afforded man and woman.

Love first is a feeling.  This is where love begins. There is an old saying when it comes to love and it is this:  “Love at first sight.”  Is this something that is reasonable to add to the meaning of feeling?  Why not.  If you see someone that you might want to have a long lasting relationship with that goes beyond friendship, then this is a long lasting feeling.  So, love can be from the first of just seeing someone.  We can also have feelings for someone or even something and still it can be short of the definition of love.  Love starts truly with the meaning of friendship and dating and then it builds into a full-fledged feeling of love.

Love is also an action.  In this sense, a proper sentence here is the act of making love.  In the English language, words can have more than one meaning.  Love is one of these.  When you hear that someone is in love with another, some may sort of giggle and say, “Wow, those two cannot keep their hands off of one another.”  Some may look at and say in the same breath, “that is not love, that is simply disgusting feelings toward one another.”  The art of making love: kissing, embracing in a hug, sexual intercourse is the action of love.  Two together (man and woman, family, friends) can mean that they love one another in different ways and yet, this is still an action as well as a feeling.

Love is a choice.  This is when friendship is taken to the next level.  It is said that the best way to love another is to be friends first and get in the right frame of mind or have the proper feelings for the other.  This is where the choice comes in as well.  How far do you want to take the friendship?  Do you want to remain friends and keep the feelings as such or do you want to take it to the next level?  For a lifetime of feelings and actions to succeed, then the choice has to be made, not by just one of the parties involved, but both.  Both have to make the proper choices to turn friendship into love.

Whatever of the three, they are all ingredients when it comes to the proper definition of love.  But remember this:  As Jesus Christ said, “Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself” and all will be good in God’s eyes.