Long Distance Relationships

A Long Distance Relationship is a hard task, although it should not be performed as a task. Just like any relationship you must possess certain qualities and strategies to keep things together, and yes it does get harder over the years.

My personal experience was someone I had met in the state and then took a job a few months later in another state. The telephone calls would be endless; the communication methods would be worn out. As a male I would tend to show a little jealousy for people she would tell me that were in her life, although never did I act upon, that was more her forte’.

Before she left we were having a wonderful time, the dinners and drives were all in good fun as any normal relationship starts off in, and even though we did not want to let go due to life’s sad circumstance it was a realisation that eventually had to be realised.

I must stress, that Love between two people also does include physically appearing to the person, not a telephone. A healthy relationship has sexuality into play and odiously without having to mention the distance one would already understand that this was out of the question.

The main argument from people who engage in long distance relationships is, “One can provide support no matter what”, and indeed this is true. However, one can provide support but as a friend, but without actually having him/her there you only have a small portion of the pie. In all honesty if support is what’s needed there are numerous books out there! As I understand people become lonely an LDR is not something that would fill the void for too long, and eventually confuse and anger you. When God created Adam, they did not confide themselves to either sides of Eden.

There are many people out there who engage in relationships without even engaging in first contact. This is something that could be perhaps an act of desperation for moral support, and in my experience once the void is filled people move on, and it was not me who moved on first. Even though I did not take the relationship seriously, and considered it more a friendship, she however did not. To her it was everything she needed, and as a friend I comforted her and spoke to her whenever she needed a friend. We had met in an online chat room and because of the large amount of time I possessed I was able to keep up numerous and long conversations. Soon in learning that she had met a guy and he was a good friend, assuring me I have nothing to worry about. That new guy saved me a lot of time, but the strange thing was I never heard from her again. I know for a fact she was happy, because her void had been satisfied, no need to hold on to old memories.

The online dating scene is something that is on “the grow” this day and age. More and more people are flocking to the internet to solve their dating complications. The most popular form of convention in the online world would have to be the chat rooms. The online chat rooms are great if you have time on your hands such as I when I had no job, but it is not something that you should be seeking relationships in. Relationships are something that needs to be worked on, they require maintenance and service as well as time and attention. There are a small group of people out there who have successfully made an LDR work but that would indeed result in eventually meeting and being with that person. Keeping such things as trust, honesty and loyalty are all hard to reassure and implement, mainly because of the distance. Eliminate the distance and you will find that things might not have been as planned, or if the chemistry is still there, would not trade it for the world, all things must mix to react.

In conclusion I must digress that relationships are formed out of numerous mutual bonds and activities. If you cut out just one of those aspects you only have a portion of the pie, and this is something that no one ever should settle for, if their far away they can most certainly be a friend, but in no way can be a lover. If there is anyone out there who is in a long distance relationship, my advice would be go to them, because life is short.