Long Distance Relationship

Absence makes the heart grow fonder but that doesn’t mean the time spent apart from each other is easy. Many relationships fail due to the distance but if the effort is made by both parties it can work.

Firstly, make sure you’re honest with each other. Discuss the separation often so you’re both aware of what page the other is on all the time. You should also consider making a few rules. Some couples when living apart have an open relationship while others stay faithful. Make sure both of you want the same thing.

Communicate often. Make sure you tell each other what you’re up to so that you still feel involved in what the other is doing. Communicate in different ways. If you ring your partner every day at 7pm on the dot things will get boring. Send emails and text messages. Ring them when they’re not expecting a call just to say “I love you.” You could also send them a letter in the mail along with a little present to show them that they are still at the front of your mind.

Send or email your partner pictures. Not pictures that everyone gets to view on MySpace or Facebook but photo’s for their eyes only. This will help them keep your image fresh in their mind and will make them even more excited about seeing you.

If you have a bad day or receive some good news make sure your partner is the first person you tell. It will reassure them to know that you still think of them first.

If your partner is away due to work commitments you should never make them feel bad. Never say “You love your job more than me” or “If you loved me you’d come live here.” Likewise they shouldn’t do the same to you. Be happy for your partner and make sure they know you support them in whatever they do. Nobody wants to be nagged on the phone everyday.

Lastly, and most importantly, make an effort to see each other as much as possible. If you’ve communicated well before the meet things should be great. However, some couples find that after being reunited after a long time apart they find themselves sitting in awkward silence or arguing about what each other has been up to.

You can avoid this by talking about any issues you have before you meet so that your time together is not ruined. It may also help to discuss exactly what both of you want to do during your time together so that you’re not just sitting around in silence.

Finally, remember relationships are hard work but they’re also rewarding. As long as you trust each other and show each other affection and love they’re no reason why you can’t survive.