Laughing Sex no no Taboo

Why should laughing during sex be a major no-no? Is it because society has gotten so ridiculous about what’s “appropriate” and what’s not? Are we so concerned about what others think of us, that it’s not okay to laugh during an intimate moment with our partner?

Of course, it’s simply not okay to make fun of or laugh *at* your partner, but if during sex you both find something funny or amusing- it should be perfectly acceptable for one or both of you to laugh!

Laughing during sex has become a major “no-no” or “taboo” simply because society has come to view sex as something “serious,” something that takes a lot of effort or concentration. Look in any book-store in the relationship (or even “sex and intimacy) section, you’ll find hundreds of “how-to” titles on the basics of sex, how to “spice up” your sex life, varying “techniques” to improve your sex life, orgasm, etc. There are even books out there on how to go about “one night stands.”

In today’s sex-oriented society and the fact that sex sells, it’s no wonder that people are being discouraged from the simple pleasures of intimacy and even laughter during sex is considered a no-no. The problem is, when we take ourselves too seriously, we take away the joy of the moment and things begin to feel too “mechanical.”

When you’re overly stressed or worried about performance, the stress and pressue to “get it right” begins to build up.

This is when the “bad laughter” during sex can occur. It’s a proven fact that if a person is overly stressed or under pressure, they are far more likely to burst into laughter at inopportune times or say things they don’t mean at the wrong time.

The laughter during sex that is spontaneous or joyous, is a far different type of laughter than the other that gets mistaken for one being made fun of or that our technique is somehow “lacking.” Laughter is indeed, the best medicine, and laughter during sex can bring a very different flow to the moment.

If you and your partner find yourselves laughing during sex, go with it- don’t try to hold it back or try to get “serious.”

Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, this is why laughter can be such a good thing- it brings in the spontaneity and joy of the moment, and allows you to both relax and be yourselves during the most intimate time you have together.

There’s nothing wrong with laughing during sex, and it’s not a “no-no.” Go with the flow, enjoy yourselves, allow yourself and your partner to be “real”, and don’t worry about what you look like or sound like if you start laughing.

Someone who’s truly “into” you, definitely won’t mind you laughing during sex, and will likely laugh *with* you.