Kidkids Learn from their Parent Behaviour

 Being a parent is an act of taking care of one’s kid or kids. A parent doesn’t have to necessarily be a biological father or mother but one could be a step father or mother. The act of parenting is different with each individual. A kid is the one being taken care of. Fighting usually is an act of disagreement between two people or more, with resultant effects. When parents fight, kids suffer for it. The home which should be a heaven becomes a war zone with no peace of mind.

 There was a boy of three years old who saw his father slapping his mother he thought it was fun and he went to slap an elderly woman, the woman was very angry and slapped him real hard and he cried. He stopped slapping people since then.

 There were two boys of same parents, their parents were always fighting, and the boys left home and became hired killers. These boys was hired to kill a very strong man which led to the exchanging of bullets and resulted to their death.

 A girl of  four years old, who her parent always fight each other by exchanging bitter words or calling themselves all sort of bad names like useless man and crazy woman. One day, a teacher asked of her mothers name she said it is crazy woman and her fathers name she said it is a useless man. Immediately her parent was call for counseling.

 A woman who is taller, bigger and stronger than her husband always beat her husband, sometimes to a point of death. One day when she was beating this man her children gather together and beat hell out of this woman and from that day on  she stopped beating the man.

 There was a parent who had a son, they always fight in the presence of that boy and when they began it is always a thug of war. They were fond of destroying their properties and throwing any form of dangerous things to harm themselves. In that boy’ s school, whenever he has any slight disagreement with his friend at he will do as his parents does. He later expelled from his school.

 It is better parents frown against unnecessary quarrels in the presence of their children, even if it necessary to fight, we should learn to do so out of their consent and we should learn to tolerate one another.