Is Suicide ever Justified – No

Suicide is never justified. People who try to commit suicide are attention seeking and thinking of no one but themselves. It never crosses their minds how utterly selfish they are being; they might think that it is the best thing for the world, but it is not. What about the loved ones? What about the ones that get left behind? The ones who have to pick up the pieces? The ones who have to explain to outsiders or even make excuses as to what happened. What about all the grief, pain and guilt that riddles their loved ones? The ones who question themselves and what they could possibly have done to make someone commit suicide, when really, they hadn’t done anything wrong. Do these people not realise how much they would inflicting in the people who love them very much?

People who commit suicide in public places are the worst kinds of attention-seekers, if someone truly wanted to die, they would not do it in a place where someone could find them and save their lives.

Life is far too precious to be thrown away so easily; we’re only given one chance at Life, so we should grab it by the proverbial and enjoy it. If things aren’t going as smoothly as you hoped, then only you can do anything about it, as the old saying goes, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

I honestly believe that no situation is that bad that it is worth ending a life. If you are really in that much trouble, there is always help somewhere, even if you are just too afraid to seek it, it is there.

People need to learn to appreciate themselves and their own self-worth. Everybody has the right to be here, no one should ever feel like they don’t deserve to be here.

Even if a person is very ill I do not believe that suicide is justified. Their families and friends need time to say their goodbyes, and it isn’t fair to take that away from them if you have the power of knowledge in your hands.

Before even considering taken such drastic action, people should look around at the people who love them, even the ones that they do not appreciate and realise how much damage they would be doing, not only to themselves but to those very special people. It is one of those few times when I feel it is important to not be selfish, but to re-analyse our life, and look for another path – seek help, do not be ashamed, no one will look down on you. Even when it doesn’t look like it, there is always a way, somehow. Some paths are difficult to see the end of. But, it is these dark times that make us stronger as people.