Is it ok to Engage a Conversation with Strangers

Just about everyone you have ever meet in life was once a stranger.

The man I am dating, the one I refer to as “the greatest guy in the world” was a stranger to me, just a little over a year ago. What if I had never met him, or what if fear had stopped me from talking to him, or getting to know him? I would dare to say my life would not be the same, and I would have missed out on a great opportunity, to meet a really great person.

As a general rule it’s ok to talk to strangers, as long as you use common sense.
At the grocery store, the mall, on the bus, waiting in line at the theater, all of these are relatively safe places to talk with people- even those you don’t know. Areas where there are quite a few other people around are generally safe places to converse with friendly individuals.

Hopefully, common sense tells you that a dark, abandoned parking lot is NOT a good place to meet new people.

Use common sense when talking with new people.
Don’t share too much personal information, and be quick to walk away if it seems that the other person is asking too many, or too probing questions. It’s far better to seem rude, then to be pressed into revealing information which could lead to your harm.

I believe it’s always best to follow your intuition. There may be times when you just get an “uneasy feeling” about someone. Trusting your own “gut” reaction will pay off in the long run. Be aware of your “personal space” and guard against people who attempt to approach you too closely, touch you, put an arm around you etc… Keep your boundaries firmly in tact, and don’t hesitate to let someone know that it is NOT ok for them to touch you, or stand too closely. In these instances, also, be prepared to walk away from the person, even if it means losing your place in line!

The world is full of wonderful, interesting, exciting people. It would be a shame to let fear deprive us of the many opportunities we have to engage in conversations with new people. If you use your good sense, then caution, and not fear, will direct your actions.

It is possible to protect yourself from harm, without cutting yourself off from all new people, and new experiences.