Is Blood Thicker than Water – Yes


Since blood contains more than just hydrogen and oxygen, the two components of water, then a biological analysis of the two proves this true. But how much is the worth of our relatives compared to that of friends?

Of course we need our families and friends. It’s completely natural to feel closer to our relatives because of our family connections. Usually we have more details of our family members backgrounds as much as they recognize us and that seals the bond. They need us, we need them too. We’re able to identify with each other. But that fact doesn’t draw a line in between so that we should disregard our friends with limited importance all because of no strings attached.

Is it in all instances that we need assistance from our relatives? Or do we have to contact them every time we find ourselves in trouble? Absolutely not! Sometimes friends can fit in perfectly well and act even more than our families. For instance, the first attention you may expect when you fall ill is that from a family member. It’s so much comforting to see a relative or two by your bedside, especially when you’re ailing. It kind of takes away half the pain and replaces it with a temporal relief. But consider the agony you may have to endure when your family shuns you when suffering a dreadful disease. How’s blood thicker than water in that?

In that case a special friend who stays by your side at all times becomes a lifebuoy. Giving you a hand when you need turning the other side or simply speaking to you with words of comfort works little miracles to prevent you from getting depressed to death. It’s about the natural affection we need to express our true concern for others.

It had to take the pity of a Samaritan man to save the life of an injured man lying half-dead by the roadside.

They say no man is an island. That means we are not islands; our families or friends are not islands either. Sometimes we fail our own relatives just as much as they fail us. And at the very moment we seem to sink, friends pull us up and we leave on.

We need encouragement when in despair, advice when stuck, comfort when in pain and so on. But do we need to measure the worth of relatives or friends to give back as we receive? Nope!

Therefore, friends can be angels in some circumstances just as our family members can be but don’t bother asking why they don’t have wings!