Improve Marriage Save Marriage

Oh how wonderful it is to be a newlywed couple. You remember how it was, all the time laughing and enjoying each others company. Saying goodbye and going to work was really difficult, and then you kept counting hours until you would see her again. Then somehow life started getting in the way. The bills, home maintenance, the boss pressuring deadlines, and general everyday issues started to take over. Eventually you stopped talking as much and laughing together like you used too. You don’t want to lose her but you are not sure what to do. Gentlemen, you can improve your marriage and bring back that excitement and desire to be together that was once there. It takes a little work, but incorporating some of these ideas will not only save your marriage, but they will strengthen the bond between the both of you.

Everyday I see eBooks and programs urging you to buy this and that to improve marriage. The ads usually say “Get your girlfriend or wife back for only $49.95.” I’m sorry but my wife, and yours too, is worth more than fifty bucks to me. The greatest thing is that small little changes in us do not have a price tag on them. It’s time for us as men to bring back old values that are priceless and ageless. Love, true love, does not cost us anything except a devotion to our spouses. Bringing back chivalry will not make you less of a man, rather you will bring back the man she fell in love with.

Small things everyday add up to big and lasting changes over time. Simply opening the car door for her, shows that you are respectful of her. Don’t just do it on occasion but rather train yourself to do it all the time. Not just car doors either but open doors whenever you can. Going to the store, the bank, the restaurant, and even coming home open the door and let her go first. After all, she is first in your life and opening doors represents that her needs come before yours.

When the two of you are hanging out at the house, be aware of small things that you can do for her. If you’re watching television and you get up to get a drink or snack, ask her if she would like something. Show her that you are not only concerned with your needs. Take it a step further and just fix her a glass of tea or bring out a snack she likes. This will not only surprise her but she’ll see that you think about her all the time. Another thing you can do is vacuum the house or clean up the kitchen. Let her see that you don’t take her for granted. Guys, housework is our responsibility too and besides she needs a break from everyday housecleaning also. It’s a nice surprise and will go a long way with her.

Flowers have always been the standby for times we screwed up. How about surprising her every month with flowers? They don’t have to be a dozen roses, but have flowers delivered to her at work on a regular basis. The first few times it will really surprise her, plus it will make her the envy of every girl in the office. We like to feel like we are the top dog, and making her girlfriends jealous of her strokes her ego too. Add little notes around the house when she least expects it. Something as simple as “I Love You” written on a piece of paper and placed upon her pillow, will warm her thoughts and make her get that giddy feeling you both once shared.

Don’t go buying the latest “Improve Marriage” book when you already have the information you will ever need. Look for everyday, small things you can do for her to show her how much you love her. Shower her with attention daily, and the bond between the two of you will grow stronger again. Paying attention to our wives does not make us pansies or less than men. If anything, it brings back the manhood in us that should be there all the time. We are strong, good providers, protective, and most of all loving. Bring out the loving, attentive nature that your wife knows is in you . Your love will grow, your bond will strengthen, and you will improve your marriage.