Importance of Family Blood Matters – Yes

Is blood truly thicker than water, or is it just another figure of speech that lost its true meaning? Generations in the past seemed to choose their family over friends or acquaintances with no question. In this day and time families tend to go their seperate ways more often. 

In early settlement, people were very involved with developing their families way of life. It took families full cooperation to just make ends meet. Dads would of course have to hunt for food, as well as any male in the family. Building a foundation to live in was crucial and also took family teamwork. Women had responsibilities to make clothes from scratch, food, handling all household duties. You guessed it! Mothers would have to teach their daughter(s) these huge responsibilities. Let’s keep in mind this was not an easy task considering there were not any washing machines or dryers. Her hands were the machine, and air that the good Lord provided was her dryer. Needless to say there was lots of bonding time between the ladies of the household. Thus, bringing families so knitted together that nothing was more important than blood. Without every family members support, there would not have been life. There would have been starvation, homelessness, and so on.

Going back even further into history, lived Indian tribes. Living off the land was not easy for them either. It seems that tribes separated certain blood from others. Therefore, blood was the most desired necessity to thrive in life. Without your “blood” (family), you would most probably be at a loss. Love, endurance, teamwork, appreciation for one another, beliefs, and much much more could go into describing why blood must be thicker.

Generations now, however, seem to have lost a great deal of respect for their blood. Some seem to choose friends over any family member. Gangs are one ideal example. Normally, gangs choose certain types of people to be around them. A big majority of the time not choosing their own blood, but others that like trouble. Fortunately, there are still families that love one another just the same as generations past. Sometimes it may take a family illness, sudden death, money problems, life’s daily issues, and what  do you know? Family is there. Work schedules or whatever the family member’s daily tasks may be seem to vanish from their list of important things to do. It is amazing how one event can prove that blood is thicker than water. Hands down, that one family member with these issues is number one on a big majority of blood’s minds. In the end, no matter what the situation, mama, daddy, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, cousin, brother and/or sister will be there when friends refuse to be. There is a never-ending love for a parents child  in most cases. I for one can vouch for that.

In conclusion, I believe with all my heart that blood is truly thicker than water.