Ideas for Covering a Stain on a Favorite Item of Clothing

When you can’t get a stain out of a favorite item of clothing, it can prove disappointing, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw your garment out. There are many creative ways to cover the stain, and at the same time add a personal touch to your outfit. If you are looking for a little inspiration, read on for six ways to cover a stain on a favorite item of clothing.

Six ways to cover a stain on a favorite item of clothing:

1. Decorative Patches

One of the simplest ways to cover a stain is to buy a decorative patch that you simply iron onto your garment to instantly hide the stain. These work well if the stain is located in a place that would suit a patch.

2. Beading or embroidery

If you are quite crafty, you could always come up with a design to bead or embroider over the stain. This can be very effective if the stain you are dealing with is in an awkward place, because you can create a surrounding pattern that helps create an overall pleasing look.

3. Dye

If you are dealing with a dark stain on a light colored item of clothing, you may be able to dye your garment to disguise the stain. For example, a brown, or yellow stain on a white blouse, may become invisible if you dye your garment Black. Be aware that this only works well if your stain isn’t oily or shiny, as these stains will be evident no matter what color the garment is. Many fabrics can be dyed, but natural fibers like cotton, silk and linen are often the easiest to master.

4. Paint over it

If you like painting and want to let your inner Picasso out, there are paints designed especially for use on fabric. If you want to get particularly creative, there are lots of interesting paint formulations, such as glitter or puff paints, that can create a very unique look.

5. Print over it

With iron on transfer paper, you can transfer an image or design from your computer, to a garment. With some clever positioning this may conceal your stain. You could print a picture you have taken on your digital camera, or come up with a design in a program like Paint or Photoshop.  Each brand of iron on transfer paper has instructions you need to follow, but basically you print your image in reverse onto the transfer paper and then apply this with an iron to your fabric. It tends to work best on smooth fabrics, like a cotton T-shirt.

6. Sew over it

If you have some knack with a sewing machine, you could come up with a design detail that conceals the stain. For example, a stain that is near the hem of a garment could be covered with a ruffle or tier. If the stain is at the chest or hips, why not add a feature pocket.