Husband Wife vs Boyfriend Girlfriend Exploring Levels of Commitment

Marriage is only as good as the vows that two people make to each other. If two people do not honor and believe in their marriage vows then you have no marriage. So can two people just live together as boyfriend and girlfriend and still have that level of commitment? Yes, to a certain degree I think that you can. But there is always a reason why you are not taking that final step and making your vows to each other legal and binding. So I think you need to explore why you are not taking that step. That final step. Obviously there is something lacking in your relationship if you do not make the final leap into marriage. And that something means that you can never ever attain the full level of commitment that a married couple has. A married couple has gone all out. They have made the finale vows. The finale commitment. That says a lot. It says that they were not afraid of something. They didn’t let something hold them back. They were willing to make the full blown commitment required to make vows before God, each other, family, and friends.

Marriage is a very serious thing. God wants our marriages to last forever. We make a vow to make it last until death do us part. There is nothing more sacred then these vows. So you have to be ready to uphold that commitment through hard times and good times. I know that it can be difficult to do this. And I know that a good majority of marriages will fail. But at least the married couple took their relationship to that finale commitment level.

So if you are just boyfriend and girlfriend, living together, and unable to make the marriage vows then you need to seriously get to the bottom of what is holding you back. Figure out why you cannot make the ultimate commitment. And if you just cannot do it then there is something wrong and you need to get out of the relationship because it will never be a whole and complete relationship without marriage. Marriage really kind of seals the deal and I don’t know how anyone can feel secure in a relationship that will not lead to marriage. And feeling secure in a relationship is very important to the health and eventual longevity of the relationship that you are in.