How to tell if its Love or Lust

If you find yourself doing things for the person in your life because you know it will make them happy, but you won’t get anything out of it; it’s probably love.

It could be that’s all you need to know, because when you’re falling for someone; thinking about them all the time, and counting the minutes till you can see them again, who can say whether it’s because you love them, or because you lust after them so bad you can’t think straight, or because you’ve found someone that seems to really like you, and it’s such a rush that you don’t even know if you like them yet.

Sometimes it might seem that there is no difference between love and lust, but that’s probably only when you’re both naked. But other times, when you’re just hanging out together, or holding hands or watching something on tv you both like, you know, because you can feel it deep down inside of you. That’s love, because lust doesn’t feel like that at all.

And sometimes, like right after you’ve had sex, if you still want to talk to her, or him for that matter, or you don’t want them to go home, or even leave your sight, it could be that you love them, or it could be that you’re just afraid to be alone when you’re feeling vulnerable. But it’s probably love, because you probably love them.

Lust is pretty clear though, right? You see them, or even think about them, and then you want them. That’s it. But love, love is anything but clear, because sometimes you can hate them, even when you love them; and because sometimes it’s hard to tell what you’re feeling because there are so many other things that you feel when you think about them; things that can get kind of complicated, like does he or she love you?

But if you find yourself turning to them when you have something you want to share, just an opinion or whatever, or if you find you really kind of like the sound of their voice, or how your feel more confident or pretty or masculine when you’re with them, it’s probably love, because otherwise you probably wouldn’t care.

And if you find those three words popping up in your head a lot when trying to figure out how you really feel, those “I love you” words dancing around in your head when you’re trying to study or think about work or even maybe to just fall asleep at night, it’s probably more like love than lust, because otherwise you might be thinking about someone else.