How to Shop Smarter for Clothes the Easy way

How to shop smarter, not harder for clothes

Does the thought of going clothes shopping bring dread to you? These tips for shopping smarter, not harder will help you buy a better wardrobe, spend less money and use time wisely.
1.Have a game plan. Know what’s in your closet. This is the time to clean out your closet and donate those old clothes. Buy as many outfits as you can, not just pieces. Buy outfits you can mix n match with other articles of clothing.
2.Set a budget. Knowing you have $50 for a dress will help you sort through the cloths quicker. It’s important to stick to your budget so you don’t have buyers remorse later on.
3. Get an early start for those special occasions. Allow yourself plenty of time prior to the date. If you shop the night before the big event you will tend to go beyond your budget in desperation, plus you need extra time for shoes and accessories and any possible tailoring.
4.Don’t get suckered on sales. Often it’s the items that are so bad they can’t sell for full price.
5.Ask a salesperson for help. Just a warning on this one, pick a sales person whose style you admire or seems “put together”. Just because someone works in a clothing store doesn’t mean they have a good sense of style.
6.Try it on. Walk around or sit down in the clothes. Do the seams pull? Any loose stitching? Do the buttons sit where they are supposed to on the body? If there are embellishments – are they loose? Make sure you are completely comfortable in your clothes, remember, if your not comfortable you won’t wear it!
7.Dress for success. In other words, dress to shop. If you’ll be looking for a special occasion dress, try to wear undergarments (bra, spanx etc.) to go with the dress. Also, style your hair and make up so you get the idea of what your overall look will be.
8.The stores put the three-way mirror in there for a reason! As much as it may pain some of you, you must try on the clothes! Get an honest look at your butt. Watch for panty lines,the rise on pants, hem length, or other signs that your garment doesn’t fit.
9.Check the “care” tags. See how much care the item is going to require. Some garments say “dry clean only” and that’s what it means, but if it says “dry clean”, often you can get away with washing by hand or on the gentle cycle.
10. Know the return policy. Many stores don’t give cash back, just a store credit.
Sometimes no matter how well you shop for clothes the clothing just wont work for you once you bring it home.
11.Don’t shop by yourself. Shop with someone whose style you like and honesty and taste you truly trust. You should shop with someone whose taste is as impeccable as yours!
12.Find a good tailor, he/she can become your clothing’s best friend.
13.Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can easily take off and on for trying. There’s nothing worse than having to button and un-button a shirt 20 times.
Sticking to these sets of rules will make your shopping experience more of joy and less of a dread, plus, you’ll save time and money in the end.