How to Shop for Lingerie

Shopping for lingerie can be intimidating. Even if you are used to seeing lingerie, you may not get used to the idea of wearing this type of clothing if you are not used to it. Fortunately, learning how to shop for lingerie is simple when you follow these tips.

First, don’t worry about what you will or will not fit into. The more that you worry about your body and its “flaws,” the more perplexing and stressful lingerie shopping will be. Try to remove all preconceptions of what the lingerie should look like on you. For example, if you see lingerie advertised, do not compare those ads to your own self-image.

Next, try shopping for lingerie on your own. If you have not shopped for lingerie before and decide to take someone along with you on your first time, you will undoubtedly be confused by your own feelings and that person’s feelings about you. At this point, you do not want any outside criticism. This step is about being familiar with your own body and accepting your body for what it is. Shopping for lingerie alone means that you do not have to meet anyone’s expectations but your own.

When you have shopped for lingerie by yourself, you can then decide to take another person along with you. This other person won’t necessarily be the person who will primarily see you in the lingerie. You can bring your significant other, your best friend, or a family member. The important part is that you will now be able to get outside criticism after you have become comfortable with yourself in this type of clothing. However, bringing your significant other along is the best option. The person who will see you wearing the lingerie will be the one with the most important suggestions and opinions.

Always try more than one size. If you think you are a size medium, try the next size up first. It is better to wear comfortable fitting clothes than clothes which are too tight to allow you to breathe. Check with your friends about their favorite lingerie shops. They can tell you about the quality and reasonableness of the pricing.

Shopping for lingerie can be daunting and the least bit intimidating. However, when you are armed with good self-esteem and the willingness to really look for the styles that fit you, you can make lingerie shopping fun.