How to Save Money on Louis Vuitton Accessories

Louis Vuitton is not only a luxury brand, it is a quality brand. Its products are made by hand, using scarce materials and time-tested artisanal techniques. Louis Vuitton does not have sales, nor does it sell in duty free shops. They are maintaining their quality, which is good, but also making it hard for an ordinary person to own something Vuitton.

Vuitton goods are available through a few boutiques in upscale department stores like Saks, but most real Vuitton is sold through its own stores. The online site sells Vuitton, but almost all of the Vuitton sold elsewhere on the internet is fake. Who wants a fake?

It is difficult, and it’s not really inexpensive, but here are some much less expensive ways to own real Vuitton:

Smaller items

The gift section of the Vuitton web site offers products under $500. All of the stores have items in that range as well. Is that cheap? No. However, if it has been a long-time goal of yours to own the brand, here you can find items you’ll have forever, for a relatively reasonable price. There are scarves, fashion jewelry, accessories, and charms, all with the Vuitton look and Vuitton quality.

Pre-owned Vuitton

Pre-owned means used. Cagey shoppers have been buying pre-owned for generations, to save big on everything from their cars to their homes. If you truly want quality at a good price, pre-owned may be the way to go. sells premium pre-owned merchandise, which has been assessed and authenticated by a staff of experts. Their prices are astonishing. They sell brands like Hermes, Cartier, and Tiffany, as well as Vuitton, all with money-back guarantees.

Another possibility is Ebay, where careful shoppers can possibly find an even lower price than Portero offers.

Many thrift shops that support charities offer luxury goods, and some of them are online. Shoppers at such stores can know that they are helping a good cause while treating themselves to a good price. Stores include Housing Works, in NYC and online; angel thrift shop in NYC; and Discovery shops in California. Many more exist. Out Of the Closet in L.A. is a good place to find celebrity pre-owned goods, and it supports the battle against AIDS.


It is possible to rent handbags and other accessories for special events. Avelle is one internet outlet, and bagstoriches is another. Do the math, though. It’s possible that if you save the rental fees you could own your own Vuitton after a while.

How you spend your money is up to you. For some people, it makes sense to buy just a few high quality items, rather than a whole lot of items at a lower price. Though Louis Vuitton will never be inexpensive, it will always be in style.