How to Put up with your Girlfriends Busy Schedule

How to put up with your girlfriend’s busy schedule

You finally bought those tickets to you and your girlfriend’s favorite Jazz singers concert on Friday night. However, she has called to tell you not to make any plans for Friday night with her because she has a flight out of town to attend a convention in another state. This is the fourth time this month your girlfriend’s busy schedule has rained on your parade and on the time you wanted to spend with her.

You sometimes wonder if it is worth being in this relationship because you have to compete for her attention with her busy schedule. Don’t give up on her because of her schedule; you can put up with it if you first realize that you can entertain yourself while she’s busy. You can still go and enjoy that concert, just ask your sister if she wants to go and see this concert with you.

You can  make plans with your buddies and spend some time with them because once you are married to your girlfriend, spending time with your buddies might be non-existant after the you’re married to your girlfriend. The times when you are with your girlfriend, the two of you can sit down and make a schedule for each other. Plan around her busy schedule and learn to accept that sometimes even the schedules you plan around her busy schedule can be bumped, disappointing you once again.

Sacrifices has to made and your girlfriend should be aware that she has to spend time with you if she wants to keep her relationship happy. Instead of going to see her nephews soccer game next Saturday and going shopping with the girls on Sunday, she’s going to have to cancel with them so that she can spend time with you. Her job already takes plenty of her time away from you.

If your girlfriend never makes you a part of her schedule during the week, you have to question if she even wants to be in the relationship with you. It’s also possible that your girlfriend is a workaholic and she doesn’t know how to unwind; you will have to talk to her about slowing down and spending some quality time with you to unwind.

Plan a vacation or weekend getaway with your girlfriend. If she agrees to take some time off and spend with you, then you’ve succeeded in getting her to make you a part of her schedule. If she passes on the vacation, it’s time to have that talk with her about getting her priorities straight when it comes to you or else face a failed relationship. If she loves you, she will find the time for you.