How to Mend Socks

Holey socks are not a pretty sight. Yet they get so because our feet are pretty much under stress all day and by extension whatever we put on them are too. So following are detailed instruction on how to darn your socks.

It is best to mend your socks when it has been worn away till the framework i.e. till you can see a grid of cloth. Darning the sock beyond this stage is possible too but it is a little harder. The word darning conjures images of sweet pink-and-white ladies sitting in their wicker chairs sewing but what exactly does it mean? It is an amalgamation of sewing around the edges of the hole and then weaving thread over the hole itself. You will need to use two kinds of stitches; a horizontal running stitch to strengthen the area and a vertical stitch to reinforce the framework.

Situate yourself in a well lit area and your favorite chair and arm yourself with your needle and thread. A note on picking thread; it should be the same color and weight as your sock. For example, wool socks will mend beautifully with two strands of woolen yarn. Lightweight socks can be darned with all purpose cotton thread or embroidery thread.

Thread your needle and make sure the amount of thread pulled through is one quarter of the entire length. Don’t knot the end or you will have an uncomfortable bump at the bottom of your sock.

Basically the only stitch you will need is the running stitch except it will be used in a horizontal and vertical fashion. Just imagine a dolphin jumping in and out of the water. This is how your needle will go except that the stitches will be small and neat (and if they are not so what? A little messiness is a-ok). Before you start, prepare your sock by popping a bulb in it. This will anchor your sock and make sliding the needle easier. Trim the ragged edges of the hole to make it neat. Be careful with the scissors, you don’t want to make the hole larger!

Start stitching the hole closed making neat, parallel stitches. Keep stretching the sock a bit so that the stitches don’t become too tight. Make four or five stitches just outside the darned area after you are done to strengthen the sewed area. Cut off the remaining thread and then slip on your newly mended sock!