How to Mend Holes in Sweaters

Finally winter is here! Time to get those cozy sweaters and knits out of storage and curl up in them with a steaming mug of cocoa. But oh what this? Moths have eaten away at those precious sweaters leaving holes in the weave. No problem! With the following tips and tricks you will have your sweaters mended in no time!

For severely damaged cases (read: the moths have a feast on them) you will have to get the sweaters professionally re knit. Look in the Yellow Pages in the Weaving and Mending section for a local who will re knit your sweater. You might also find talented knitters in your church group or community centers.

Another method to mend holes is to take two or three ply yarn and a large knitting needle and then close up the hole. You can turn the place of the hole into a design with the use of embroidery stitches. A fabric adhesive will do the job nicely for smaller holes. If you do it very carefully you might just fix the entire hole without incurring the cost of a knitter. Better still, learn how to knit yourself. It is a great hobby and you could be knitting your own sweaters in no time!

Maybe you took your sweaters out of storage and they had no holes but you accidentally snagged one of them on a runaway hook. Snags are bad because they leave gaping holes in your knits. To fix the hole, use a small crochet hook to pull the loose yarn from the back to front with the snag facing you. Turn the sweater inside out and then use the crochet hook to loop the yarn and pull the end inside. This will create a knot under the front. Use Fray Check (available at any hobby or fabric store) to dab over the knot and keep it in place. Clear nail polish also makes a good alternative. Wait for the adhesive to dry and then turn the sweater inside out and check for any bunching that the snag might have caused. Now, pull the area gently to loosen it.

If you don’t have a crochet hook you can use a pen cap or needle to pull the loose thread. Do not pull or cut at the snag or you will end up with shreds of yarn at your feet! Good luck fixing your sweaters!