How to Make Local Friends

Finding and making friends can be difficult in our world today. People lead busy lives.  Between work and family responsibilities, it can be hard to find new friends and maintain old friendships.  But everyone should have friends and finding local friends doesn’t have to be that hard.

Your Interests-

Think about the things you like to do, be it sports, art or reading, there are bound to be local groups you can join and find potential friends with like interests.  If you think about where people congregate who do the things you like, it can be easier to find new friends.  

If sports are your bag, check out community centers in your area. Most have a variety of sports teams where adults can play anything from volleyball to basketball to soccer.  If you love the arts and reading, the best place to start is the library.  Most libraries have reading groups and many activities that will suit you and help in the search for new friends.

Meet Up Sites-

The Internet can be a great place to get to know far away people but you can also find local friends.  There are many meet up sites where you can find like-minded people to meet in person.  Be cautious, though.  Remember all the rules of meeting strangers: meet in public places, bring someone with you, don’t be too open until you’re sure the person is who they say they are.  

Local Talent-

Many local restaurants and coffee shops have entertainment such as comedians or live music. These are great places to meet new people. You can check online or at the restaurants themselves for information on what events they have coming up.

Causes and Charities-

Volunteer and charity work can also lead to new friends and support a cause you are interested in. Local hospitals and churches can usually lead you to these opportunities.  This is a good way to make a difference and make friends.

Old Friendships Can Lead to New-

Old friends can lead to new friends.  Don’t be shy about asking your current friends about their other friends.  Ask to join in on their activities and you can probably make friends that way.


Be open to new experiences and chances are you’ll make new friends in the process.  Be yourself, have fun and friends will most likely follow.