How to look Stylish when going Hiking

Hiking requires clothing that is practical for the task at hand, but this doesn’t mean you can’t inject a sense of style into your look. This article provides several suggestions for women on how to look stylish when going hiking.

Hiking outfits need to fulfill three main purposes; they need to allow you freedom of movement, provide insulation from the elements or sweat, and they need to be rugged enough to not easily be destroyed by brushing past the odd tree or two.

Clothing ideas:

Fabric choice

Stretch garments made from natural fibers like merino wool, silk jersey, modal, bamboo and good quality cottons are all typically ideal. These fabrics allow you to choose fashionable clothing with a fit suitable for your body shape, whilst still allowing you to move.

Although silk is often associated with fancy garments, in a good quality jersey version it is actually a very strong fabric. If warmth is necessary both silk and wool are good insulators. Cotton in particular is really only suited to warm environments.

All these fibers are good at wicking moisture, created by perspiration, away from your body. Bamboo has antibacterial properties, which make it great for keeping you comfortable on long hikes.

Fabrics that are recovered from wood pulp, such as viscose, can also work well, because they have breathability properties similar to cotton. However, they aren’t typically great insulators for cold climates.

Top ideas

T-shirts and tank tops are no longer boring and shapeless; you will find them available in a wide array of colors, shapes and styles. Choose one in a color and cut that compliments you. Also try to choose a style that emulates you. For example, if you are a feminine dresser choose a style with a nice delicate detail, if you want to work the sporty look choose one with a cute slogan or logo. If you need extra warmth try ballet wrap tops, fashionable hoodies, or a cute waterproof coat.

Bottom ideas

Leggings or yoga pants make great comfortable bottoms. If you have a small lower half you can wear styles that follow the counters of your body. Women who have larger bottom halves are likely to find wider leg, or boot cut styles more flattering. Alternatively try a fitted style with a longer tunic style top. Jeans tend to be a little restrictive unless worn very loose in a menswear style way. They also have a tendency to feel heavy and sticky against your legs as you heat up. Above the knee denim shorts or shorts made from chino material with a 1-3% stretch can be quite comfortable for most easy to moderate hikes.


Accessories can be used for both practical and style related reasons. For example, a hat will protect you from the sun, but it can also be used to add definition to your look. Try a cute sun visor for a sporty look, or perhaps a baker boy cap for a bit more of a refined feel. If sun exposure isn’t a problem consider wearing a stretch headband, or bandana to keep your hair back from your face. If you will be hiking in a cold region a nice beanie could look good. Scarves can also be used to accent a cold weather look.


A cute pair of co-coordinating hiking boots will help to keep you looking good. You can now buy supportive, waterproofed styles in just about any color. Several styles also come with little extra touches like a hint of fur, or decorative laces. Shoes are best paired with a thick pair of natural fiber rich socks. They will keep your feet insulated and add an extra level of padding. It is generally best to match sock color to shoe color, but as these are typically hidden it’s not that big a deal.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you come up with fashionable and comfortable outfits for hiking. However, you may find that a little trial and error is required to find outfits that work the best for you.