How to know if someone Likes you

Someone across the room catches your eye. The gaze lasts for only a short time before one of you looks away. You sneak another glance and the uncertainty begins. Are they interested? Were they looking at you? What does their body language mean? Flirting is a natural instinct, ingrained in each of us, but how do you know if someone likes you or if they are just being nice?

We all give signals to indicate we like someone; some hints are obvious while we perform others unconsciously. The trick to knowing if someone likes you is to know what to look for…even in 15 minutes.

The eyes have it. They may be the window to our souls, but they also indicate interest. Men’s eyes linger at features on the face – often looking in a triangle from one eye to the other eye and then to the mouth. Women play more of a cat-and-mouse game; they make eye contact, look away, and look again. We also want others to notice us. When interested, both sexes draw attention to themselves. Men might laugh a little louder or exaggerate actions while women work to become the central point of her area.

Did the object of your affection simulate a preening motion? Perhaps he straightened his tie, tugged on his shirt cuffs, or smoothed his hair with his hands. Did she brush the hair off her face or tuck her hair behind her ears? We want to look as good as possible in order to attract others. Grooming ensures you look your nicest and sends a message of interest.

Personal interaction has a few tells as well. If you are lucky enough to strike up a conversation, listen carefully. Women slip into a higher, more playful voice around someone they like while men drop their voices almost a full octave. If it is too noisy to hear their voice, look down. Are they standing close to you? When we like someone, we want to be close. Which way do their feet point? We tend to point our feet to the place we most want to go. If they point toward you instead of the door, it is a good sign.

As interest accelerates, flirters will mimic each other’s stance or actions. Imitation is a form of flattery since we copy what we like. Finally, there is physical contact. A slight touch of a hand seemingly accidental, or a hand lightly placed on the shoulder indicates interest.

If you are still unsure whether they are interested, remember to look for groups of clues. Don’t base your evaluation on just one sign – look for clusters. A sign by itself could mean a number of things, but a cluster of clues is a sure indication someone likes you.