How to Handle Losing a best Friend

Losing a best friend is among the top most stressful experiences a person can have.  Friends are an important part of life and when you consider someone your best friend and they are no longer part of your life, it can be a very hard blow to handle.

Sort it out-

The best thing to do is look at the relationship in an objective way and decide why you think you lost your best friend.  Was there a misunderstanding on either part?  And if there was, are you sure what you think you know is correct?  Sometimes, all it takes is a good re-hashing of the situation inside your own head to come to grips with the loss of the relationship.  

Two-way street-

Look, not only at the other person’s behavior, but your own.  This can be challenging. Being honest with ourselves is sometimes harder than being honest with other people.  Take a good long look at your part of the split.  And as hard as it is to think about, in every relationship, it’s a two-way street.  One person is normally not responsible for all the bad behavior. Take a fair look at your actions and words and really try to decide if you, indeed, did act in an improper way.

Contact them-

If you can’t come to terms with it, you probably want to talk the person and find out exactly what happened.  This can be extremely difficult but sometimes, the things we think are going to be horrible and rough turn out to be less horrific than our imagination. If speaking with them directly is too hard, consider writing them a letter. In a letter, you can be controlled and you can think about what you are saying, rather than blurting out something you may regret.

Meant to be-

While losing a friendship is sad and heartbreaking, sometimes, it’s for the best.  People move in and out of our lives all the time.  It doesn’t necessarily mean  you’re a bad person or that the lost best friend is a bad person.  Maybe, it was just time to move on and maybe, it’s best for both parties that the friendship doesn’t exist.

Not necessarily over forever-

Also, try to remember that at times, people need a break.  Best friends do a lot together and some people need space.  After a bit of space, a best friend may come back around and you might renew your relationship.  But don’t count too heavily on that happening.  If you count on it, and it doesn’t happen, you’ll be even more stressed about it.  And know, too, that if your friend does come back around, the relationship will most probably be different than it was.  But that might not be a bad thing.  Different might be better.

Moving on

If you’ve done everything right and your former best friend is no longer interested, you really have to move on.  Think about them in a good light, wish them well and carry on.  You owe yourself that.