How to Handle a Jealous Friend

Friends are special, and a person can never have too many, however handling a jealous friend and maintaining a relationship with them when they show this negative attitude can sometimes be stressful. When friends are jealous, it puts a strain on the relationship, and makes a person feel on edge. It is hard to know how to act around a friend who is jealous. That is why it is important to find out why they feel this way. Perhaps they do not even realize how they are acting, and this is why it should be brought to their attention by discussing it with them.

Consequently, some friends are known to be difficult, and oftentimes the best way to handle friends who are jealous is to confront them. Letting them know that their behavior is childish, and that it hurts to know they are envious of someone who cares about them may help them to realize how they are acting.

If they are jealous of you because of a personal accomplishment, such as being promoted or getting a raise, it can be disheartening. After all, friends should be the ones who are proud and happy for your endeavors. When they have an attitude as if they do not share in your happiness, or if they make it seem like it is no big deal, they may get the hint if you say to them “I’m sorry, I thought you would be happy for me”, and then walk away. They may realize they were wrong, and may reconsider their actions.

If a friend is jealous because you have made other friends outside of the relationship you have with them, or if you meet someone and become romantically involved with them, this is a sure sign of insecurity. They may feel as though you are going to turn your back on them. On the other hand, perhaps they may be experiencing rough times, and they are letting their problems rule their behavior.

In this case, it may be time to explain to them the meaning of friendship, and to let them know that you are there for them anytime they need you, that you care for them and would not turn your back on them. This will perhaps reassure them and they will understand that that is what friends are for. Sometimes tough love will not work when friends are already feeling down on themselves.

Handling a jealous friend in a way that will allow them to realize they have no reason or cause to feel this way should be done in a polite but firm way. If you feel as though you have tried everything, and nothing works, and they continue to show a negative attitude, perhaps it is best to take some time away from each other, or maybe they were not such a good friend after all, for nothing can come between true friends.