How to Find a well Fitting Bra causes of Back Pain causes of Shoulder Pain causes of Neck Pain

If you’re suffering from breast, shoulder or back pain, could it be that you’re wearing the wrong sized bra?  A recent survey shows that up to 80% of women are doing just that.

Here we’re going to look at how you can make sure you and your girls are well supported.

If you want to refresh the filly things in your lingerie drawer then the first thing to do is to get properly measured. Most department stores offer a measuring service and professional advice on the styles and shapes that are best for your figure.

However if you’d rather measure up in the comfort of your own home, take a tape measure and a full length mirror.

First you’re going to measure your back size, so stand up straight and wrap the measure around your back and chest so that it runs underneath the breasts and is straight all the way round.  It should fit snugly. 

Round this measurement to the nearest even number in inches and then add 4 inches.  This is the back size.  For example if you measure 36 inches, add 4 inches to give your back size of 40 inches.

Now we’ll measure your cup size.

Wrap the tape measure round the back and this time so that it fits snugly over the fullest part of the breasts.  You may be in between inches, so round to the nearest inch.

Next subtract your back size measurement from your cup size measurement.

1” difference = A Cup

2” difference = B Cup

3” difference = C Cup

4 difference = D Cup

5” difference = DD Cup

6” difference = E Cup

7” difference = F Cup

8” difference = FF Cup

9” difference = G Cup

Proper fitting.

Always try before you buy – even when shopping online, make sure the site has a good returns policy and don’t take the labels out until you’re 100% sure the bra is right for you.

1. A correctly fitting bra shouldn’t rub, ride or dig in or tickle you.  When you’re trying it on, reach up, sit down, jump up and down a bit to make sure it’s comfortable in all positions and gives enough support.

2. The centre section between the cups should sit flat against your breast bone and the breasts shouldn’t bulge from the cups either in front or at the sides under your arms.

3. Underwired bras should rest against the ribcage and not against the breast itself.

Different brands have many different fits and styles.  When you find something that’s comfortable and suits your needs invest in it.  A woman’s bra is one of the most important pieces of her wardrobe: it will give you confidence and make clothes fit better.