How to Dress like a Pirate

Arr, me hearties, to achieve this task you must first decide whether this be the look ye want. If ye be a lily-livered landlubber then turn back now, this be not the life for you. But if ye dare continue reading then we must get you ready for some swashbucklin’!

First rule to becoming a buccaneer is that at least one jolly roger (you know, the infamous skull and cross bones) must be visible on your person. Usually on a three pointed, sailor;s hat. But hey, maybe you want to be slightly different and will carry a flag, or wear one as a cape? This is so all scallywags can identify you and be warned from ye! Although maybe if wearing this as an everyday outfit, a jolly roger on a t-shirt or perhaps on a breast pocket of a blazer will do, arr.

To look proparr’ authentic a pirate must look like they are wearing rags. Fancy tears in clothing can be great, and layers really add drama to the overall effect. A ripped cardigan, jacket or both over a shirt or t-shirt would be a good start to getting ready to sail the seven seas. Women can add further accessories to this look to really make a statement – a large belt (a big buckle could be eye-catching), an over the shoulder bag with chains for straps or faded and scratched leather adds authenticity to a matey;s look.

Next fashion must-have, awesome boots. A slight cowboy twist on ankle boots is good, all-saints or river island have many amazing ones to choose from. Rustic charm, a slight heel and ones that can fit over jeans would make an outfit complete. The boots are important. Once again turning to faded leather would also work.

Now to dealing with yar’ bottom half. Men, dark stone-washed jeans are the way forward. Well, that or dark jeans generally, nothing light and bright. Pirates be not known for their happiness.

Lasses however, ye can turn to dark tights and a dark skirt (if thar’ be rips on the skirt too, an added bonus). Otherwise dark jeans will suit ye just fine.

To ensure the overall pirate-y look is accomplished ye must make sure that your clothes be from the gloomy side of the colour palette. Faded royal blue, purple and red for instance. And black is acceptable too.

Shiver me timbers! Ye be looking as fine a pirate as thar’ ever was! Ye and ye mateys be ready to venture into Davy Jones’ locker and plunder yourselves some doubloons!

[Parrot on shoulder, eye-patch and sword around waist are optional extras (good for a costume, may attract strange glances in an everyday situation)]