How to Dress for your Body Shape

In order to look great in clothes it helps to consider your body shape. Once you have identified your figure as a particular shape, you can begin selecting clothing that suits you.

Apple shape

Apple shape figures are round, with the largest expanse of body in the middle region.

If you have an apple body shape, you will probably want to make your waist appear smaller. At the same time, you will benefit from elongating the appearance of your body. Wrap tops with a V neckline will suit you, as will empire dresses.

Wear belted jackets, which make your waistline appear slimmer, and avoid tops and coats that end at your waist. Instead, stick to those that fall below this area. Flat front jeans, which have a waist just below your own, will look best on you. Avoid skinny jeans and choose boot cut jeans instead.

Pear shape

Pear shape figures are smallest up the top and larger around the bottom and thighs.

If you have a pear body shape, you can use clothing to make your bust and shoulders appear wider to help create balance. Light colored, patterned, textured, and embellished tops will suit your figure. Choose clothing that has details such as frills and lace towards the top half.

Puff sleeves, halter-necks and square necklines will help make your shoulders and décolletage seem wider. Avoid tight-sleeved tops and those that are a dark color. Dark blue or black jeans that are slim fitting will suit you. You can also wear flared trousers or jeans.


Ruler shape figures are straight up and down. The chest, waist, hips and bottom are not particularly prominent, and such a figure may be described as boyish.

If you have a ruler, or rectangle body shape you will benefit from using clothing to make your body appear more curvaceous.

Bias-cut tops, halter-neck and wrap-tops will look suit you. You can also wear spaghetti strap tops and go sleeveless.

1950s style skirts, which nip in at the waist and are full, will help balance your figure and give you the appearance of wider hips. Any clothing that flares from the waist area will do the same. Jeans with details such as back pockets will look good, as will skinny jeans and low waist jeans.

Hourglass shape

Hourglass shape figures have a small waist, while being larger at the top and around the bottom.

If you have an hourglass body shape, you will benefit from elongating the appearance of your body and making the most of your small waist.

V-necks and scooped tops will look great on you. As you probably have a large bust, avoid roll neck sweaters, polo neck sweaters and halter-neck tops. Wear jackets and dresses that nip in at your waist. Tops that finish at your waist will look good, as will clothing with a belt.

Boot cut jeans are likely to suit you, as will flares. Only wear skinny jeans if you are tall, so that they look flattering on you. Long skirts or those that are three-quarter length will look good.

Dressing to suit your body shape will help you look and feel your best. Identify your body shape and dress accordingly, and your figure will appear balanced and attractive.